Dec 29th, 2016

Back to the doctor today. Counts were good from the Tuesday blood draw. For now,  Aidan will have to go for bloodwork every month. Next appointment January 27th.




Dec 27th, 2016

THE PORT IS OUT!!! ...... The morning started with a visit to the doctors office for blood to be taken from the port for the last time. Next a visit to the admitting office then off to pre op. Aidan was a little nervous but happy to get the sleepy medicine. Lol.


Unfortunately when you are on chemotherapy for as long as he was veins are not easy to access for an iv. The anesthesiologist had a very hard time but after lots of pokes she finally got one. Aidan was amazing, not a tear or complaint.  He was warmed up by a funky blanket with a hose, given some " happy medicine " , giggled a little bit and then off to surgery.


The surgery itself only took 38 mins and went well. He was in recovery for an hour or so and then home he went, with the port in a cup. Lol.


We go back to the doctor on the 29th to get the blood test results and to find out what's next.




Dec 13th, 2016

Pre op appointment today for Aidan's port removal.  The surgery will be on December 27th. It can take anywhere from a half hour to two hours,  all depending on how deep his port is in his chest. Aidan can't wait to get that thing out of him!!




Dec 7th, 2016

Test results are in..... AIDAN IS CANCER FREE!!!! My heart just melted when I got the call from the doctor. When Aidan woke up this morning he was still in pain from the tests and for the first time he asked to stay home from school.  I'm so glad he did because he was here when we got the call.


So, now, we are waiting for the surgeon to call to schedule the removal of his port. His next doctors appointment will be on Dec. 29 for blood counts and to find out about follow up.






Dec 2nd, 2016

Exit spinal tap and bone marrow biopsy done today, results will be back by next Wednesday. Blood counts were still a little low but that could be from his weekend antibiotics.  He will stay on those for another two weeks.... Next appointment on Dec 29 for counts and if all test results are good we can discuss end of treatment plans.




Nov 22nd, 2016

Happy 10th Birthday Aidan!




Nov 18th, 2016

Here we go again. Aidan's counts were not good, his white blood cell count was very low. We don't know why so first we stop the every night chemotherapy pills and go back in a week for more blood counts.




Nov 4th, 2016

Today Aidan received his LAST THROUGH THE PORT CHEMO! He will take his steroids for 5 days,  chemo pills for another month and his antibiotics for another 6 weeks. He will go back to the doctor in 2 weeks for blood counts and on December 2 he will have an exit spinal tap and bone marrow test.  If all the tests come back good he can have his port removed before the end of the year.




Oct 7th, 2016

Doctor day.... Counts were good so chemo was given.  Unless Aidan gets a virus or  has any type of emergency he does not need to go back until November 4th for chemo and counts.




Sept 23rd, 2016

Doctor day!  Counts were good! Per the doctor Aidan's last day of treatment will be 12/2/16. He will have a spinal tap and a bone marrow test to make sure that there is no sign of cancer. Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts and chemo.




Sept 9th, 2016

Doctor day.  Counts were good so chemo was given. Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




August 30th, 2016

Yesterday when I picked Aidan up from school he did not look well and he sounded horrible. His voice was very raspy and he was coughing. When we got into the house I immediately took his temperature and it was 102.8. I called the doctor and was told to bring him in immediately.


Of course his port was clogged and his blood would no come out. It was going to be a very long afternoon.  After lots tries his blood had to be drawn from the arm and that even gave them a problem.  A nurse from another department had to come in and give it a try and it worked! He still had the roto rooter med injected into his port,  a clog is not good.


When the doctor was listening to his lungs she heard something and sent us down for an xray, stat. By the time we got back his counts were ready and they were surprisingly good.  The xray was fine also.  Phew!  The diagnosis is a virus. He got a dose of antibiotics and before they unhooked him she tried his blood return and it worked!


So, no school tomorrow and until he is fever free for 24 hrs and back to the doctor Friday for follow up.





August 26th, 2016

Here we go. Aidan's counts were very low and he is neutropenic again.  Now that he is back in school with a ton of kids, he may have caught some sort of virus. Maybe it is the chemo he is on? The doctor thinks its a combo of both and it might just be time to take him off another chemo. He only has a few months left of treatment. Another big decision to make.


This weekend Aidan will be on the down low. With a few days off of the chemo, his immune system will build up and unless he gets a fever and ends up in the hospital, he will be able to go to school on Monday. He really wants a perfect attendance certificate this year! Next appointment will be next week to recheck his counts.




August 13th, 2016

August 10 was doctor day. Counts were done and all was good.  Chemo (Vincristne) was given and steroids will start. With lots of thought and research it was decided to stop the methotrexate one of his three chemo's.


Aidan is far enough into treatment that the chance of relapse is very low. So, he will no longer take an extra 10 pills (methotrexate) on Wednesdays and he will not have anymore spinal taps (methotrexate injected into his spine). The final spinal tap will just be to test the spinal fluid at the end of treatment.


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




July 20th, 2016

Back to the doctor to check blood counts.  All was good. Phew!! Next appointment will be in three weeks for chemo and counts.  We will also discuss and decide if Aidan will go back on methotrexate. It's  just so important for him to finish all treatment to avoid a relapse.




July 13th, 2016

Doctor day.  Counts were good and chemo (Vincristne ) was given. Still no methotrexate.Next appointment will be in one week for counts only.




July 9th, 2016

Doctor appointments have been weekly since Aidan's last hospital stay with the rash fading and most of his finger and toe nails gone. Counts were done and all was good. After lots of thought by the doctor and mom we have decided to stop the methotrexate, one of Aidan's chemotherapy for now. Apparently it  is not uncommon for someone to become allergic this far into treatment.


We have started all other meds back up and have not had any issues.  My fear is that without the methotrexate Aidan can relapse but I also don't want another horrific reaction. My heart breaks either way.  The next appointment will be next Wednesday for blood counts and chemotherapy (Vincristne ).




June 29th, 2016

Follow up appointment today.  Counts were good! Aidan is no longer neutropenic.  He is going to start his nightly chemo and Saturday and Sunday meds up again.  We are going to hold off on his weekly methotrexate for now. Next appointment in 1 week for another check of his counts.




June 25th, 2016

On June 20th Aidan went back to the doctor because his rash got worse,  he could barely walk due to the pain and he developed a fever. His oncologist was  not sure what was going on.  She called a dermatologist in and he was not sure either.  


The dermatologist did a scrape test right there and wanted to do a biopsy the next day.  Both doctors decided it was best to admit him to the hospital.  Lots and lots of blood test were done. Along with the biopsy.


Blood counts were not good at all. White cells and his Hemaglobin were low and he was neutropenic.  They tested for chicken pox, negative,  hand foot and mouth disease, negative, shingles, negative.  Nothing was coming up. Now the doctor's are thinking maybe this is chemo related or a virus that cannot be detected or a combo of both.


Aidan was so miserable. He was kept on benadryl, Tylenol and ativan.  Sleep was the best thing for him. He was very good and very patient in the hospital.  Mom on the other hand was a nervous wreck.


After waiting 4 days for biopsy results,  still NOTHING! Since his fever was gone by Thursday and both doctors felt he was improving he was allowed to go home Friday night.


So , if this is chemo related we have a whole other problem. He is off all of his meds now and we go back to the doctor on Wednesday for counts.




June 18th, 2016

Well, if there is a contagious virus going around Aidan is sure to get it. This kid can't catch a break!  The day after his spinal and chemo he woke up with a rash on his hands, feet and face. Back to the doctor we go.


Hand foot and mouth disease is what he caught now. So, between the side effects of the tap, chemo and steroids and this virus, AIDAN IS MISERABLE!




June 13th, 2016

Long day at the hospital.  Aidan's port developed a fibrin sheath which meant his blood wasn't able to come out. Aidan really did not want his blood to be drawn through his arm so a roto rooter type of med was ordered to try and clear the port. After waiting an hour , another try and still no blood. The nurse had him go for a walk, jump up and down, wiggle his body and, success!


Counts were done and all but his liver counts came back good.  He finally got his "happy medicine " and the spinal tap was done and chemo was given. After being there for 7 hours Aidan was starving and just ready to go hone. This kid was such a trooper today. Not one complaint, he just rolled with the punches.  

Love this amazing kiddo!!


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




May 31st, 2016

Blood counts were done on May 26. Aidan's liver and bilirubin counts were a little off so that is something that will need to be watched.  Now he has a little cold and a fever that he got from his brother, hopefully it won't get worse and last too long so we can get through the last couple weeks of school.


Next appointment is June 13 for a spinal tap and chemotherapy.




May 12th, 2016

Doctor day.  Counts were good, chemo was given and all meds are back up to full dosages. Aidan still has the rash which the doctor says is from the meds but suggests he sees a dermatologist. Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




April 28th, 2016

It's finally doctor day! This poor kid can't catch a break.  Another side effect of the meds(even though he was on lower dosages)  came back, a facial rash. Back on the skin cream 🙁  After waiting on pins and needles the blood counts came back  good.  All counts are where they should be,  yay! The every night chemotherapy pills were increased to 2 again but the Wednesday chemotherapy pills will remain at half dose.


On another note since a kid at Aidan's school got chicken pox the doctor had to do another blood test to see how immune his system is to chicken pox. Even though he was vaccinated the test came back that he is NOT immune to to it.  This can be very dangerous for him so hopefully no one else gets it who is around Aidan.


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts and chemotherapy.




April 18th, 2016

Since Aidan has been back on his meds and chemotherapy he has just felt awful. The

chemo has made him very nauseous and it gives him a very bad tummy ache , the

steroids have made him very grumpy and very hungry. It is just heart breaking as a

parent to have to see my son go through this. CANCER SUCKS!!




April 14th, 2016

A week could not have gone by fast enough for us. We we very anxious to see what Aidan's blood counts were at after 2 weeks without any meds. So, counts were just ok. Ok enough to get his chemotherapy and to start back up with the meds. The doctor is starting everything back up with half the doses he normally takes to see if it helps normalize (for leukemia ) his blood.


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




April 7th, 2016

Back at the the doctor for a follow-upon the blood counts. So now the white blood cell count is good and the red cells are not. Aidan has been taken off ALL meds/ chemo, even his weekend antibiotics now for another week. Next appointment will be in a week for more bloodwork and hopefully back on chemotherapy.




March 31st, 2016

Doctor day! There is no rhyme or reason with cancer. Today's blood counts were not good. They were very low and now Aidan is neutropenic.  The doctor said that with leukemia the blood is tested often because it can change just like that, even with no fever, cold or flu.


So now he cannot have any chemotherapy at home or through the port. No school tomorrow and without the chemotherapy bringing his immune system down he can build it up  for school next week. He will still take his antibiotics on the weekend  and unless he developes a fever or a flu he  will return to the doctor next Thursday for more blood tests.




Mar 17th, 2016

Round 9 of 11 begins! Blood counts came back good so Aidan got his spinal tap, chemotherapy and "the best sleep ever".

All meds stay the same, steroids start again and the next appointment will be in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




Mar 3rd, 2016

Doctor day.  Blood counts only and all was good!  All meds stay the same and in two weeks the next round of chemotherapy begins starting with a spinal tap.


A big congrats to Shane for making honor roll at school!!




Feb 18th, 2016

Back on track! Blood counts were good so chemotherapy could be given. All meds resume and the next appointment will be in 2 weeks. On March 17th a new round will begin with a spinal tap.




Feb 10th, 2016

As scheduled Aidan went to the doctor for bloodwork and to be checked since his discharge from the hospital.  His counts were still low but are improving,  which is a positive sign. He is still  not able to get his chemotherapy.  


He will be able to go back to school next Tuesday and will have to go back to the doctor the following Thursday.  If his counts are better next week he can start his chemotherapy again.




Feb 8th, 2016

Update: Aidan is still coughing and still has a sore throat.  Spoke to the doctor and she said for him to keep resting and she will see him Wednesday morning to re check his blood. Unfortunately his chemotherapy of all types are on hold until his counts are better.




Feb 7th, 2016

The first whole day home from the hospital was ok. The fever did not go over 100.6 which is a good sign.  Energy levels were up and then down. The thing that is bothering Aidan the most is that he can't spend Super Bowl Sunday with his cousins and he usually does because we cannot have anyone in the house.


Thank you to everyone who has sent positive thoughts and prayers to Aidan.  We also want to thank Andrews (Aidan's buddy) family for sending over some of their delicious home made chili.




Feb 6th, 2016

Aidan's fever has not spiked which is such a good sign. Unfortunately his blood counts are not improving much. He is still neutropenic and very susceptible to any type of illness.  All chemotherapy has been stopped until his counts are up . He is still getting antibiotics through the port and orally taking Tamiflu.


I am so proud of this kid,  not once did he complain about having to be in the hospital or that he can't eat everything he wants to, he also was so respectful to the nurses . He's been through so much for such a young boy.  


Since he is feeling a little better , no fever and we are pros at the whole neutropenic thing the doctor said he can go home.  There are restrictions,   special diet not going anywhere and try to stay away from the rest of the family because he is still contagious but that's better than being in the hospital to him and mom (I'm exhausted ).


We came home Friday night, have to call the doctor on Monday and go to the doctor on Thursday.  He cannot go to school which is kind of giving him anxiety because he will miss so much and have so much to make up. I told him not to worry. He's just a kid, a very sick kid who is battling cancer, getting better is much more important!




Feb 4th, 2016

A day of roller-coaster temperatures and extreme sweating. Last night he went through 4 shirts and underpants. The sheets had to be changed  twice in the middle of the night . His appetite along with his spirits are good. He is such a big boy now. Tomorrow labs will be done and if no fever hopefully he can go home.




Feb 3rd, 2016

Yesterday after school Aidan said he wasn't feeling well, so, as always I run for the thermometer . His temperature was 103.1. I gave him some Tylenol and because he had homework he wanted to push through it to get it done. After a while the fever dropped to 102. Going by his demeanor I decided to just keep an eye on him and give Tylenol every 4 hours.

This morning the fever was back up to 103.5. I immediately called the doctor and she  said to bring him in. Bloodwork was done and it was not good.  His white cell count was 300, it should be 5 to 10 thousand. His neutrophil count was low also, so no fresh fruits or veggies.


The nurses kept checking his temperature and at one point it got to 106.6. Now I go into panic mode. Our doctor contacted a infectious disease doctor to consult because his syptoms besides a fever were a very slight cough and a little sniffle. A decision was made to do a influenza nasal swab test. A throat culture and blood culture.


The test came back positive for influenza B.

They gave him Tylenol and started antibiotics right away. Due to the severity of his illness , the low blood counts and leukemia  he had to be admitted to the hospital.


It's like deja vu,  same room as when this whole journey started, even the same nurses. Since he has been here before he was not nervous or scared at all. He knows they will give him meds through his port and orally  (pills). He knows how to get around being attached to the iv machine and that everyone here at the "Doctel" is very nice  and want to help him get better soon.


So, he is going to be here a minimum of 72 hrs and until all his counts are raised to where they should be. Positive thoughts and prayers please.




Jan 21st, 2016

Doctor day.  Blood counts were done and Aidan's white blood cell count came back low so the test had to be redone. The doctor said since the other test numbers were good that evened out the overall counts and this is exactly where his numbers should be for a leukemia patient.  Also since his at home chemo pills were increased it is changing his numbers and this is all part of the treatment process.


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




Jan 7th, 2016

Happy new year!


Since Aidan's last appointment he got another virus that keeps attacking his chest . Today's appointment was only supposed to be for bloodwork but the doctor did not like what she heard in his chest so he was given a breathing treatment.  The blood counts came back good so the Leukemia meds will remain the same but now we will have to do at home breathing treatments every four hours. This poor kid can't catch a break!


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts and chemotherapy.




Dec 24th, 2015

Today a new round begins. The morning started not so good for our little guy.  Since he gets a spinal tap he cannot eat or drink anything so he was not able to take a Zofran.  After being up for only a half hour the nausea and vomiting began and Aidan spent some time over the sink. At least he got the vomiting done before we left for the hospital.  The Nausea unfortunately lasted a little bit longer.


Aidan couldn't wait to get his sleepy medicine and get the procedure over with. We always have to take a picure of him while he is sleeping because the sleepy medicine gives you amnesia and he thinks he never went to sleep. Blood counts (good),  tap and chemo were done.  Since Aidan is growing his meds need to grow also so now every night Aidan will take 2 chemo pills instead of 1 and a 1/2.


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




Dec 10th, 2015

Since Aidan's last appointment he got a very bad cold/fever, ended up back at the hospital and put on another antibiotic. He wasn't able to enjoy any cravings from his steroids because he lost his taste buds and he was very unhappy about this. December 10 was his regular scheduled appointment for blood counts only and all was great!


Next appointment is on the morning of Christmas Eve for the next round to begin. Aidan will get a spinal tap and chemotherapy. Unfortunately he will not be feeling well for Christmas this year and possibly into New Years.






November 26th, 2015

Happy Thanksgiving! We are so thankful for our amazing pediatric oncologist and the wonderful nurses at Kaiser Permanente Woodland Hills for saving Aidan's life. Yesterday was a infusion chemotherapy day. His counts were good but he does have a little cold.


Since it was a Wednesday he also had to take his 10 methotrexate (chemo) pills along with the start of the steroids. Between the cold and the meds our little guy is going to feel awful and have to live on Zofran  (anti nausea) to get through the next few days.


Even though Aidan is very sick he still managed to get a very good report card from school. He does his best even when he doesn't feel the best. He pushes himself to go to school and only stays home when he just can't get out of bed. Unfortunately our school/ district, LAUSD doesn't understand the life of a child with cancer and sent a letter home stating that Aidan has missed too much school.


THE KID HAS CANCER! ! Unbelievable!!! Why do I feel another battle on my hands?? Urgh!!

Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




November 22nd, 2015





November 12th, 2015

Doctor day.  Bloodwork only and all was good. Next appointment in 2 weeks for bloodwork and chemotherapy.




October 29th, 2015

Doctor day!  Blood counts were great and chemo was given. All meds stay the same and

the" ok" feeling Aidan has had the past couple days will be replaced with the "crappy chemo" feeling. Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




October 15th, 2015

Doctor day.  Bloodwork only. Aidan's anc count was low which means  his white blood cells that fight infection are low.  Last week he was sick and because he was on steroids his counts were higher.  Everyday is a struggle for this kid. He has to take a Zofran just to get out of bed. The doctor says he may look like a normal kid but remember he has cancer.


Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts and chemotherapy.




October 9th, 2015

Things have been rough for our guy.  Since his last treatment Aidan has just felt horrible.  On top of not feeling well Aidan's port had a fibrin sheath which means his line was clogged and they were not able to draw blood. A medicine needed to be injected into the line and after waiting an hour they finally got blood. The poor kid had to breath heavy, cough and turn on his side to help make the blood come out.  


He has had so much diarrhea and vomiting that he had to spend a day at the hospital getting a hydration infusion.  The doctor has him off his chemo pills until monday and sent home a kit for us to collect a stool sample  (not fun for mom) .  This kid has been through so much for such a young age 🙁




October 1st, 2015

Aidan has been a very busy little boy. Last Saturday he went to a Make a Wish event at Madame Tussauds in Hollywood. He got to hang with some very famous wax figures and have some great fun. On Sunday Aidan got to star in a commercial for Stand up to cancer and Major League Baseball. The whole family got to be in the commercial as well but Aidan was the only one that had an assistant and a make up artist.


Today he started another round. Bloodwork, spinal tap and chemotherapy.  All counts were great and no meds change.  Now he will just feel crappy for a few weeks but will fight through it!!




September 17th, 2015

It's been 2 weeks since Aidan's last appointment and he is still not feeling well due to the chemotherapy.  Unfortunately this is not going away for a couple years. Today's doctor appointment was only for blood counts and all was good.  His meds increased due to his body growing. The nightly med was increased to 2 pills instead of 1 1/2, only on Saturday and Sunday.


Next appointment in 2 weeks for a new round to begin starting with a spinal tap and chemotherapy.




September 3rd, 2015

It has been exactly 2 years since Aidan was diagnosed with Leukemia.  Some things have gotten easier on him and some have stayed the same. For instance, his immune system is still not very strong and this week proved that. A few weeks into the new school year and Aidan got a very bad virus. He's had a fever, diarrhea and vomiting.  All his "at home meds" had to stop until he saw the doctor today.


Today is a chemotherapy day so if blood counts are good he could keep on track. He still had a slight fever and diarrhea but the blood counts were good so he was able to get his chemotherapy. He starts his steroids also today but has to wait until tomorrow night to continue with his other "at home" meds.


Next appointment in 2 weeks unless this virus continues.    




August 28th, 2015

On August 16th Aidan received a huge surprise. At 1:30 the doorbell rang and it was his Make A Wish volunteers with a bunch of gifts and a big poster.that read "Aidan is going to AulanI," the Disney resort in Hawaii!! He was so excited and extremely happy to learn that his wish was granted.  


Aidan had his doctors appointment on August 25th for bloodwork only and all was clear to go to Hawaii the next day. So, on Friday at 6 40 am a Limousine arrived to wisk us off to the airport. The limo had sparkling apple cider,peanuts and lollipops to snack on during our ride. Perfect start to our vacation.  


What an amazing place we were taken to!! Aulani was paradise. We had a villa to stay in that had a full kitchen and a washer and dryer. There were 2 tv's separate rooms for sleeping and a fantastic view of the pool are and the ocean.


The kids were allowed to be kids and just enjoy themselves.  We didn't have to worry about not being able to afford all the goodies and great meals because Make a Wish gave us spending money.  


The boys, on their own, attended a dance party with Chip and Dale, which included dinner, a fish are friends activity which included lunch so mom and dad can have time to ourselves, something we haven't done in a very long time.  


The boys went snorkeling, played in the pools and hung out at the beach and of course did a little hanging out with Mickey and Minnie.  


This was such an amazing trip that Aidan really deserved after all this kid has gone through. Our family is extremely thankful to Make A Wish. They gave us something good to remember after all the bad we have been through.  




August 6th, 2015

Doctor day.  Bloodwork and chemotherapy.  All is good!  Counts were great and all meds will remain the same. Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




July 23rd, 2015

Doctor day, blood counts only and all is good! All meds stay the same then back in 2 weeks for chemo.




July 8th, 2015

A new round begins.  Labs came back showing counts for Aidan's liver were high and white blood cells were low, but not at levels to delay any treatment , just something that will need to be watched. A spinal tap and chemotherapy were done and all meds will remain the same. Next appointment is in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




June 16th, 2015

Aidan woke up with a very bad ear ache/cough and 102 temperature.  His doctor said not to wait until his June 18th appointment and bring him in right away, especially because Aidan was taking his first trip to Las Vegas on the 19th. Bloodwork and chest xray were done. Bloodwork came back good but she saw something on the xray.


After waiting for a radiologist to examine the xray it was all good.  Aidan has swimmers ear and got a RX for ear drops and cannot go swimming for at least 4 days..... The ear still hurt and the fever was still there so back to the doctor on the 18th. The doctor said that nothing changed but gave him antibiotics since we were going away.


There was no way he was missing this first trip to Las Vegas. Even with a ear ache he fought through the pain. Took his drops and Tylenol regularly. Grandma made sure his trip was all he wanted, Grandma and grandpa, his cousin's,  a suite, fancy restaurants, limos, party van,  shopping and a show.


We all know how Aidan is,  fun and wild so he was going nuts with all the pretty girls and craziness that Vegas is. With all this kid has gone through and is going through he deserves and appreciates all the good things that comes his way.


On a medical update, his immune system is still compromised so he is sensitive to cold/flus. His hair has been falling out a lot more,  probably because his chemotherapy pills have been increased.  Next doctors appointment,  as long as he is stable will be July 6th for a new round to begin, spinal tap and chemotherapy.




June 4th, 2015

Last day of school and doctor day. Chemo and bloodwork.  All counts were great!  His Wednesday med, methotrexate was increased by one pill so now every week he will take 10 at once instead of 9 pills. Another med will be increased but the doctor said one at a time to see how his body reacts. Next appointment in 2 weeks for bloodwork only.




May 21st, 2015

Doctor day!  Blood counts only.  All counts were great!  Meds stay the same for now because Aidan is still not 100% better from his virus but when they do increase the poor kid will be taking 10 pills instead of 9 on Wednesdays:(


Aidan had a much needed visit with his favorite therapy dog Carnival and will be back in 2 weeks for blood counts and chemotherapy.




May 7th, 2015

Doctor day.  Aidan wasn't feeling good when I picked him up from school,  he had a bad headache, which he has been getting quite frequently.  He didn't eat much lunch and slept the whole way to the hospital. He even needed to use a wheelchair.


Vitals were taken and he had a fever. Blood work was done and counts were good so he was able to get his chemotherapy. The doctor said that he has a little bug of some sort.  We are going to see if the steroids make the headaches not as bad and the sniffly stuff goes away before any tests ( MRI or sinus

Xray) are done.


Aidan had his  much needed visit with his favorite therapy dog Carnival,a trip to the toy room and stop to get his favorite food. Next appointment in 2 weeks for blood work only, hopefully.........


When we got home from the hospital Aidan went straight to bed.  He wasn't hungry and he wasn't feeling well.  I took his temperature and it was 104. I called his doctor and she decided not to have him go to the emergency room because she just examined him and his blood counts were good.


The doctor said to not give him his chemotherapy pills ( his night time pills) it's ok to give him the steroids and Tylenol every 4 hours.  He cannot go to school and has to stay in bed and rest. She will call in the morning to check on him and go from there. ...This poor kid,  he has gone through so much 🙁




April 23rd, 2015

Doctor day!  Blood counts only and all is good. Aidan got a to visit with his favorite therapy dog, Carnival and that made both of them happy.  No med changes for now and the next appointment will be in 2 weeks for bloodwork and chemotherapy.




April 16th, 2015

A week has passed since Aidan's last treatment/procedure and he still feels like crap. Even though his body and head aches very bad he still gets up in the morning without any problems and gets ready for school. He is absolutely one amazing kid!!


Posted a picture of Aidan that his teacher at the time took of him just a week or two before he was diagnosed with Leukemia.  You can tell by looking at his under eyes that he was not well.  Who knew at that time that he would have to go through something so horrible at such a young age?  Breaks my heart. Cancer sucks!




April 13th, 2015

Since the spinal tap and chemotherapy Aidan has not been feeling well.  He has been very nauseous,  had a horrible headache and backache. He has thrown up a couple times and just feels best when he is laying in bed.  He has tried his best to get up and get ready for school. He took a anti nausea pill at 6 am to help him Make it through the morning and get out the door for school.


Unfortunately he was feeling too bad and had to come home early from school. Hoping this feeling passes soon!




April 9th, 2015

Today starts the next round of treatment.

Spinal tap, bloodwork and chemotherapy.

Aidan was a little nervous about getting his spinal tap but extremely excited about getting the "happy medicine", the med that knocks him out. He was not allowed to eat anything due to the spinal tap so when he woke up , from the tap he was starving and that meant his blood sugar was low so his mood was not great.


Aidan was crying and emotional which is all normal from the" happy meds".   He cried for more "happy medicine" and said he didn't sleep at all and wants to sleep.  This med also give you amnesia and that made him feel like he never got the med.


So, all numbers were good, white blood cells were a little low but not too low to start this round.  His back is sore, so he got to use a wheelchair, which is something he loves because the walk is so long to the car. Since food is such a big deal for him we took him for his favorite pasta meal. He wasn't feeling great but food is his priority these days and he muscled through.


The steroids start back up again.  The few pounds that he lost will come back along with the moods and body aches. The next appointment will be in 2 weeks for blood counts only.





April 7th, 2015

Last year Aidan spent spring break, Passover and Easter in the hospital.  This year he was feeling good and had some good times. He went to the movies with his best bud, spent some time with grandma and grandpa and went to Knotts Berry Farm with his cousins.

This Thursday the next round will begin. He will get a spinal tap and chemotherapy.




March 26th, 2015

Doctor day!  Aidan was a little nervous about getting his port accessed because he remembered how much it hurt the last time.  He got used to the arm access but his nurse had to go through the port. This time it didn't hurt!! Between him losing a few pounds and a huge mound of numbing cream it was a success!


While waiting for the results his favorite therapy dog came to visit.  Aidan gave her treats and they both took a a little nap. The results came back with all being good.  His lungs sounded clear and the coughing will be around for a while but he is not contagious. He is allowed to go back to school.  He was so excited to hear that he can go back to school,  he misses everyone so much.


Next round start in 2 weeks with a spinal tap and chemotherapy.




March 25th, 2015

Aidan is still not feeling well. His fever is gone but the coughing is horrible. He hasn't had much energy and has had an upset stomach from the antibiotics.  He misses school and his friends 🙁  Back to the doctor tomorrow.




March 22nd, 2015

Since March 18, Aidan has not been feeling well.  He has had a fever and a bad cough. His doctor is out of town so her nurse told me what to watch for and take him to the urgent care if things get worse. Well, things got worse.


Saturday morning we had The Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children's cancer walk.  Aidan had his own team and did not want to miss out.  He made it through opening ceremonies and the first lap. After that he was at the garbage trying to throw up. Thank goodness there was a kaiser urgent care across the street.


We got him there, he had a fever of 102 and was feeling awful.  The doctor he saw got in touch with a pediatric oncologist  who was taking over for our doctor. He said to do bloodwork and  iv antibiotics . Because he has had a fever for a few days his port could be infected or it could just be a virus .   Unfortunately not all nurse's are certified and trained to access a port. They had to draw blood through the arm. Aidan was so scared and cried a little.  


Sooo,  he had the blood drawn,  they put him in a bed and then..... They had to do an iv for antibiotics.  Since they once again couldn't use his port they hooked him up through the other arm. They ran the iv for a half hour and had to monitor him for an hour.


After all was done the fever dropped to 99.0.

They let him go home but asked for him to come back Sunday to check him. We went back,  another fever and more coughing. Aidan was so happy to see the same nurse he had the day before because he did not hurt Aidan when doing his iv.


Now an xray was done along with more bloodwork and iv antibiotics. The blood culture takes a few days but the regular labs came back with all counts very good.  The xray however was not.  Aidan has pneumonia.  

More antibiotics were prescribed in pill form for him to take. As of now he does not need to be admitted but will have to stay home from school and just rest.


It was a very weird feeling.  We were at the same urgent care and saw the same doctor when he was first diagnosed with Leukemia.


Once again I am amazed with my sweet boy. He was so brave and said as long as he knows what's going on he won't freak out.


Posted pictures of bed 6, That was the bed he was in where it all began. Day 1 and day 2 of urgent care .




March 18th, 2015

Sharing a post from a fellow parent from the Michael Hoefflin foundation:

"You want to know what childhood cancer is like? Living on the oncology floor, seeing sick kids and forgetting what they look like with hair. Hearing screams come from scared children or ones that are in pain. It's vomit on a regular basis. It's telling you child they can't eat when they are hungry because they have procedures they will be under anesthesia for.


It's seeing your child deteriorate from a fun playful baby to hardly moving in a hospital bed. It's hearing beeping from countless machines. It's blood draws, blood transfusions, blood pressure and temperatures. It's hearing little humans that are just being diagnosed that are terrified of medical staff and scream at their sight and it hits you that yes they will adapt but this environment isn't normal. It's being excited to see nurses because let's face it they are my friends, they cry for my daughter and they follow her journey.


They tell me when things are bad and things are good. They are my new family and this place called a hospital is now my other home. It's feeling weird not being here and not knowing what to do when your free of hospital walls. So many forget that cancer is not the flu. It doesn't just go away. It's not a sprint but a marathon. This journey is far from over and while I appreciate all of the love and support please keep it up because in 1, 2, 6, or 10 months we will need the same support we are getting now. Cancer doesn't just go away. Please fight for childhood cancer because one day this could be your child."




March 12th, 2015

Aidan was very nervous to go to the doctor today because the last visit was so painful.  We put a lot of numbing cream over the area and it worked! Not as painful but still hurt and once again he was a trooper.  


Blood work and chemotherapy were done. Numbers we good and Aidan's favorite therapy dog came to visit and Aidan danced with another therapy dog. Next appointment in 2 weeks.




February 26th, 2015

Doctor day.  Aidan's port is very wiggly so the nurse has to cup it and pinch the skin in order to access it and draw blood.  This is normal but very painful. The nurse told me that Aidan was brave and patient even though it was extremely painful.  Next time we are going to cover a larger area with the numbing cream,  hopefully it may take away some of the pain.


When he came back out to the waiting room I saw that he had been crying. He looked at me and said " I hate having cancer". That broke my heart!  Thank goodness his favorite therapy dog,  Carnival was waiting for him. Aidan was so happy to see Carnival. We now keep dog treats in the doctor bag along with Aidan's snacks. Aidan gave her treat after treat. She left very happy. Another therapy dog came to visit, Ladie, this dog dances, Aidan was cracking up.


Lab results came back and all was perfect! The doctor said things may change when she ups his dosage of meds and chemotherapy.  That won't happen for a little bit.  Next appointment in 2 weeks.





February 14th, 2015

Aidan spent Valentines day with the people who love him and he loves the most!




February 12th, 2015

Doctor day! Since Aidan is growing taller the skin above his port is thinner which means a shorter needle to access the port. Today the numbing cream over the access area was not on as long as normal and Aidan cried when the nurse put the needle in. Because it's a smaller needle it should not have really hurt so we are thinking it was more psychological because of the cream.


Blood work was done and chemotherapy was given. While we were waiting for results our favorite therapy dog came to visit.  Aidan just loves Carnival and vice versa.  She is just as sweet as our dog Sparky.  


Results are in and his counts are great!  All meds stay the same and steroids start tonight. He has had a really bad stuffy nose since he had the flu.  So the doctor recommended a nasal spray but he will have no part of that.


Something that has been brought to our attention is how careful we have to be with children who have not been vaccinated. Aidan has had all of his but with leukemia his immune system is not strong enough to fight a serious illness.  We respect other parents feeling and beliefs but this is a life or death matter for Aidan.


Over the past weekend Aidan went to a few birthday parties for his classmates. He is so excited to be able to attend these parties because last year he had to miss out.He also had a visit from Make A Wish.  The sweet volunteers came in with gifts for Aidan and Shane and talked to Aidan about his wish. We won't know when and if wish 1,2 or 3 will be granted.


So, back to the doctor in two weeks for bloodwork only and hoping this round of chemo and steroids don't give Aidan rough time.


Posting pictures of  Aidan and Carnival,  the make a wish volunteers with Aidan and how Aidan leaves his stuffed animals every morning when he gets out of bed. I know he will not be happy about me posting the stuffed animal picture but I wanted everyone one to see that side of our sweet boy.





January 29th, 2015

Doctor day.  Blood counts only. All is perfect! He still has a slight cold but that could lasts for weeks. His liver was at a level that we have not seen in a while, perfect. They were perfect only because he had to stop the chemotherapy while he was sick. Normally,  for Aidan with cancer, the liver levels are elevated.


Back to taking all his meds and back to the doctor in two weeks.




January 23rd, 2015

Aidan is still not feeling good.  His fever is still in the 101 range and coughing and constantly blowing his nose. He has moments of feeling ok and plays with his cousins and jumps around but then,  wham! He's down again.  We have discovered he cannot have any milk because he vomits up his meds,  they are not a good mix. It's sad because the steroids are still going and he his still constantly hungry.




January 22nd, 2015

Back to the hospital.  Aidan has not been well. They did blood work and a chest xray. After waiting to see if he was going to be admitted all tests came back good. Unfortunately Aidan has the horrible flu that is going around but thank goodness not something that he needs to be admitted for now. Phew!!


So now he has to take Mucinex dm and Tylenol. He will not take his chemotherapy pills until Monday because that weakens his immune system. Even with the flu Aidan still has his sense of humor, he knows how stressful things have been with boys being sick and dad out of town.  He keeps telling me jokes and telling me how much he loves me.  This is one amazing kid!




January 21st, 2015

Since Aidan's treatment last week he has not been feeling well at all. He has been weak, achey, and of course from the steroids extremely hungry. He also has had a low grade fever and to make matters worse he developed a very bad cold.


On top of Aidan being sick Shane and dad have been sick also. Shane has had a very high fever with cold symptoms.  After a trip to the dr he was diagnosed with a virus. Dad, unfortunately has not been able to go to the doctor because he has to work his 2 jobs, new year means new deductible and higher copay 🙁


Both boys are tired of being sick and can't wait to get back to school,  Aidan misses his friends and Shane is so worried about all his make up work and needs the energy to work on his school project.


Thank you again to grandma who met us at the hospital since dad couldn't be there.  It's very scary when one child has cancer and the other gets sick and he is worried that he is going to get the same diagnosis.




January 15th, 2015

New round begins! Because dad  was out of town working we stayed at grandma and grandpa's house, they live closer to the hospital and are able to help with Shane. Cancer doesn't affect 1 person it affects the whole family. Thank goodness for our amazing family,  we appreciate all the help and support.


A spinal tap and chemotherapy were done today.  Blood counts were good,  Phew!!! Aidan was happy to have his cousin with him today. She made time go by faster and even fasted with him.  Unfortunately Aidan got a little fever tonight and felt horrible ( back pain and nausea).  I gave him  some Tylenol and he went to sleep.  He also has a cough but the dr checked his lungs and said they are clear but keep an ear out for congestion.


So, a little higher dosage of chemo and  now instead of 3 steroid pills he takes 4 and instead of 8 chemotherapy pills on Wednesdays he takes 9. Hopefully he won't have any problems with the increase.





January 1st, 2015

Happy New Year!  

Thank you to everyone who have been supporting Aidan and our family through this journey.


Last day of the year and it was also doctor day. Blood work only and everything was " perfect".

In 2 weeks Aidan will start another 85 day round.  It will begin with a spinal tap and a little bit higher dosage of injected chemotherapy.


This New Year's Eve, Aidan was able to make it until the ball dropped.  He had a great evening with family and friends.




December 26th, 2014

What a difference a year makes in the life of a kid with cancer! Aidan started his holiday festivities the day school let out for winter break.  He went to grandma and grandpa's house to cook with grandma and spend time with his cousin Izzy.  He had a great time cooking and going on a little adventure with Uncle Lane  and over to Juju 's ( Izzy 's bff) house for a little playtime.


Next he had the first of a few holiday parties. The Michael Hoefflin Foundation for Children's cancer had their holiday party. Both boys got a bunch of toys and a chat with Santa. Last year Aidan missed this party. Straight from that party to our annual family Hanukkah party at Aunt Jackie and Uncle Gary's, another party he missed out on last year.


The next party was the party at the hospital hosted by the his oncologist. It was great to see a bunch of fellow warriors and the wonderful health care providers.  Another bunch of gifts for the boys and a chat with Santa.


The fun keeps going... The next day was the party Aidan has been waiting a year for, The Feldmann ' s( Lead singer of Goldfinger, producer of 5 Seconds of Summer and just all around great guy with the sweetest wife Amy) annual holiday party.  A fun filled party with snow, celebrities,  Santa and snow, yes snow!! Aidan did some sledding and had a few snowball fights. Such an amazing time for both boys.  It was heartbreaking last year that Shane had to miss out on this party  because we couldn't chance him getting sick and giving it to Aidan.


Finally,  Christmas!  A very early morning and a relaxing day with the family.  Phew! We couldn't feel more blessed to have our precious boy doing very well and feeling so much better than last year.




December 18th, 2014

Aidan had a busy day. This morning he had his holiday show at school. This is one of his favorite things about school.  Last year he was not happy about missing it.


After the second performance he had to leave for his doctors appointment.  Blood work and chemotherapy day. Aidan's favorite therapy dog came to visit him and help make the time go by while waiting for lab to send back his results.


Numbers were perfect again!! He got his chemotherapy.   His doctor said that she can tell that he has not missed a dose of meds at home. Its amazing what blood tests can tell. It was good for Aidan to hear that so he knows how important it is to take his meds.


So, all meds stay the same and tonight he starts steroids for the next 5 days. Next appointment is in 2 weeks for blood counts only.




December 7th, 2014

Last year at this time Aidan was newly diagnosed with Leukemia.  He was on heavy doses of chemo and was feeling horrible.  He had to miss out on a lot of holiday events and was so sad about it. This year, he is in remission and feeling much better.


Saturday Aidan and mom baked cookies to decorate with  Shane and his cousins.  On Sunday both boys were invited to Toys r us to pick out a toy thanks to a some very generous donor's  who donated to our cancer support group,  The Michael Hoefflin Foundation,  for pediatric cancers.Last year Shane went for Aidan and picked out a toy for him so Aidan was very happy to participate this year.




December 4th, 2014

Hope everyone had a Happy Thanksgiving.  Aidan was not 100% but was happy to be with his family and eat some yummy turkey.  (Picture of Aidan waiting patiently for Turkey)  Aidan's appointment went well today.  His numbers are great! Unfortunately the weight on the scale was not so good :(.... His hunger is out of control,  thanks to the steroids. Next appointment is in 2 weeks for injected chemotherapy




November 25th, 2014

Aidan saw the dermatologist today for the rash on his face. He was very nervous and a little frustrated about going to another doctor. This doctor was a great!  Aidan really liked him, phew!. He listened to everything Aidan said about when his rash comes, how it feels and when it kind of clears up.


The rash is from the chemotherapy.  So, now Aidan has 2 more meds.  At least these are topical creams.  Of course there is a system for the creams,  they will be used at different times to coincide with the steroids and chemotherapy. Mom will have to add them to the medicine chart and hopefully the creams will help.


Aidan has not been feeling good since his last chemotherapy treatment. Sometimes he is ok and sometimes he just feels awful.  He has been on the steroids so his hunger is out of control. He gets cravings and if he can't have that food right away he gets so angry. Yesterday we had to run to the mall for the craving of the day,  a Wetzels pretzel with jalapeño cheese sauce. Lol.




November 22nd, 2014

Happy 8th birthday to Aidan!!




November 20th, 2014

Doctor day... Lots to discuss with the doctor today. Aidan has been very nauseous in the mornings,  he has had a horrible rash on his face, his hair is falling out again and he has had lots of body aches.


First his blood was drawn and then before the nurse injected the chemotherapy , on his own asked if he could please have some Zofran, an anti nausea med that is injected. If he didn't get the Zofran he probably would have thrown up on the way home :(. I am so proud of him for being his own advocate and speaking up.


Chemo and blood work were done and then we had to wait for the results,  always a pins and needles time. Thank goodness for a therapy dog named Carnival.  She was such a sweetie and made mommy and Aidan relax and helped keep our minds occupied.


Results were in, all was " perfect" !!! Aidan made sure to show the doctor all his little bruises and scrapes ( Normal boy stuff) She cracked up, but once again I was so proud of him for telling the doctor on his own, she really does need to check every little thing to prevent infections.


We will see a dermatologist on Tuesday for the rash, which is probably from the chemotherapy.  The nausea is from the chemotherapy pill that Aidan takes every night, so in the morning he can take a Zofran pill. His hair is falling out from the chemotherapy but won't be as bad as in the beginning of treatment.  The aches are just going to be part of his life for the next few years. His body is not very strong now and he has some extra weight.


Since his birthday is in 2 days he got 2 toys from the toy room. So all meds stay the same, steroids start again today and  the next oncology appointment will be in 2 weeks for blood work only. Too much for a kid to have to go through 🙁




November 6th, 2014

Doctor day!  Blood counts were perfect! !! Doctor said Aidan is doing great. Treatment plan will remain the same. Aidan also got his flu shot today,  with a few tears.


Aidan is battling a horrible disease, fortunately his body is responding well to treatment.  A fellow warrior at his doctors office lost her battle, she was only 5 years old. As much as Aidan has matured over the past year and knows that people can die from cancer, we just can't bring ourselves to tell him. She was a angel and the most amazing little girl you can ever meet. This is our life. This is what our family sees and lives.  It's not right! !! CANCER SUCKS!!!!!




October 31st, 2014

Aidan received the Student Of The Month award at his school!




October 23rd, 2014

Doctor day. Aidan got a spinal tap, chemotherapy and had bloodwork done. He wasn't allowed to eat or drink anything until after the tap. For the first time he didn't get into a bad mood and understood why he wasn't allowed to eat or drink. He also told the nurse that the last time he thought he was up and felt the procedure and to please make sure he got enough sleepy medicine. Lol.


Blood counts came back perfect.  Yay!! So, procedure was done, he slept like a baby,  chemotherapy was given and he was good to go. All meds stay the same.  He starts steroids today. Because of the rash that comes and goes on Aidan's face the doctor is sending us to a dermatologist.  


Aidan slept the whole way home. When we got home he got out of the car and started throwing up 🙁  He felt better and, was ready for some food.




October 8th, 2014

Doctor day! Aidan's regular nurse was on vacation so Aidan had to let today's nurse

know what to do to make sure the blood comes out. Aidan's port is moving around and

with his weight gain getting the blood out it tricky.


The steroids are really making him gain weight and giving him his moon shaped face.  


Blood counts came back perfect,  so all meds stay the same and Aidan stays on course. In two weeks the next road map starts. He will get a spinal tap and chemotherapy.




September 24th, 2014

Doctor day.... Today Aidan had blood tests and chemotherapy.  His numbers were perfect again, yay!! Next appointment will be in two weeks for only blood counts.


Aidan has been doing really well.  Back to school has been a really good thing for him. It keeps his mind off of his cancer and he is able to act a be a normal kid. He is happy to be able to join his friends in celebrating their birthdays, especially with his best bro,  Jake.  They had so much fun doing indoor sky diving, something Aidan loved to do before he got sick.




September 10th, 2014

Doctor day. Blood counts only and Aidan's numbers were perfect! The only problem that Aidan is having is that he is gaining so much weight and it is making it hard to access his port. This is a common problem and it is caused by the steroids he is taking. They just make him constantly hungry.


Aidan's energy has been good.  He still has some yucky feeling days but he is a true warrior and fights those feelings through his school hours. Even when he feels really bad he never asks to stay home. He has never looked so forward to the weekends so he can just rest!




August 30th, 2014

1 year ago today our family was told the most devastating news. Our sweet boy Aidan has cancer. Aidan went through the most horrible time that any child could ever go through.  


Today he is in remission,  doing well and fighting the biggest fight of his life.

He has the best doctor and nurses in the world helping him reach a chemo free life.


A note about daily feelings since his last chemotherapy treatment that he had on Wednesday.  Aidan has been weak, tired and moody.  And  of course hungry from the steroids.




August 27th, 2014

Doctor day. Today Aidan had to start his morning with steroids.  He got a push chemotherapy and it was a higher dose than last time. Blood counts were done and all is perfect. He came home from the doctor and had to take 8 pills of chemotherapy then steroids and then another chemotherapy pill and a half. He is very weak and wiped out. He still managed to do most of his homework. And tried to play with his cousins who are visiting from Denver.




Augist 19-26, 2014

Aidan has been doing well. The first 2 weeks of school were exhaustive for him, but he's a trooper.


Our family participated in the Granada Hills Relay for Life. Mom made a speech on behalf of the survivors at the opening ceremony.  Both boys by her side. Aidan felt like a superstar with all the attention.  


A huge thank you to , Grandma Carolyn, Aunt Jackie, cousin's Marisa and Fin, Aidan's best friend Jake, brother Ethan, Mom Allison and Jennifer (the boy's tutor)  for coming out to show your support.  You have no idea how much it meant to Aidan and our family. Xo




August 18th, 2014

Spent the day resting!!!




August 17th, 2014

Relaxing in the pool!!!




August 16th, 2014

Spent the day resting!!!




August 15th, 2014

Very happy it's Friday!! Aidan is completely exhausted. He gives his all at school and is making up for lost time.




August 14th, 2014

Today and every 2 weeks will be school and dr day for Aidan. He did great in school but still had the leg pain. Dr said his numbers were perfect. We discussed the leg pain issue and the dr decided that Aidan should stop taking one of his medications, that maybe it could be interacting with one of the chemos. Next drs appt will be in two weeks for counts and a push  (through the port) chemotherapy.




August 13th, 2014

Aidan is doing great at school. He is just so happy to be back with his friends.  The only issue he is having is very bad leg pain.  




August 12th, 2014

Big day in the Smithburger house. Shane had his for day of middle school and Aidan went back to his elementary school!!! Aidan was greeted by his best bud, balloons and a banner. He was so happy to be there and everyone was so happy to see him. Such a great day!!




August 11th, 2014

Back to school shopping. Nerves are in full force!!




August 10th, 2014

Feeling good. Able to play and swim. Getting very nervous about going back to school.




August 9th, 2014

An ok day. Starting to feel a little better.




August 8th, 2014

Aidan woke up saying his everything hurt., he was very hungry and very nauseous. Tonight he had a photo shoot for The Michael Hoefflin Foundation, for the cover of Santa Clarita magazine.. So he asked for  zofran (anti nausea pill). He made through the car ride. The photo shoot and the yummy food. They had some games and he was not going to miss out. Unfortunately after the event he could barely walk.




August 7th, 2014

Still not feeling great. Aidan is pushing himself to do things, like going to Shane's middle school orientation. He wanted to see what middle school is all about and see Shane's friends.




August 6th, 2014

Another yucky day. Constant hunger, leg pain and headaches.




August 5th, 2014

Things are staying the same for Aidan. His headaches are more frequent, he is hungry constantly and his body is weak. Hopefully he will start to feel better soon because school starts next week.




August 4th, 2014

Still not feeling well. Still very hungry. Today was the last day of steroids. Unfortunately for the next 5 days or so Aidan will feel achey from coming off the steroids.


Tonight Aidan managed to go to a meeting for the relay for life of Granada Hills which will be held August 23 2014 , 9am at Granada Hills High School. We will be posting a link to it .




August 3rd, 2014

Still not feeling well. Appetite in full force from the steroids.




August 2nd, 2014

Not a great day. All the meds and after effects of his spinal tap have kicked in. Aidan had a headache, body aches, restlessness and weakness.  Unfortunately this is going to be his life, once a month for the next 824 days or so 🙁




August 1st, 2014

Aidan was feeling good when he woke up. He had great energy most of the day. Towards the end of the day he got a very bad headache and was not able to each much dinner. Hoping tomorrow will be better for him.




July 31st, 2014

Doctor day! On the way Aidan threw up. Since getting diagnosed Aidan gets very car sick on his way to his morning appointments. Since he was getting a spinal tap he was not allowed to eat anything, so not much came up.


They started with his vitals, weight and height. He has gained some more weight. His port was accessed, blood was drawn and then he waited for his " happy medicine". He says the medication they give him to put him to sleep for the spinal tap makes him happy so he could not wait for


Numbers came back great so the next 84 day road map begins. Spinal tap and then chemotherapy through the port once a month and 5 days of steroids.He will still take the same at home medications and go to the doctor every 2 weeks for blood counts.


After the spinal tap and chemotherapy was given Aidan was feeling great. He could not wait to eat and then went to Grandma and Grandpa's for more food and to play with his cousin.

Hopefully he will continue to feel good and he wont have any soreness from the tap or side effects from the chemotherapy.




July 30th, 2014

A day of rest. Aidan's body is so sore from all the activity from his vacation. Tomorrow is doctor day. He will get a spinal tap and chemotherapy.




July 29th, 2014

Vacation time for Aidan!!! He spent 4 days at Disneyland and 5 days in Laguna Beach. Thanks to Grandma Carolyn who thought after a horrible year the family deserved to have some fun.


After the first day of Disneyland Aidan was not feeling great, his legs were so sore and we decided a wheelchair was needed.  That wheelchair saved the Disney part of the trip!


Aidan went on every ride and loved the fastest scariest ones the most.  Every cast member at Disneyland treated Aidan with so much compassion and wanted to make sure he had a great time.


The Laguna Beach part of the trip was the relaxing part of the trip. Days on the beach boogie boarding and hanging out at the pool. Such a great time for Aidan and the whole family!!




July 20th, 2014

Keeping on the same good track.




July 19th, 2014

Aidan is doing great! He got a bit of a rash on his face from his meds but its not too bothersome for him.





July 18th, 2014

Aidan was feeling great today. Mommy had a conversation with him about being excited to go back to school. He is a little nervous and already thinking about what I should pack him for lunch. Lol.




July 17th, 2014

Aidan was so happy to go out to dinner with the family to celebrate Grandma's birthday. He finally got to go to the restaurant that has the bread he craved and had brought to him when he was on his heavy doses of steroids. He ate bread and butter for dinner and could care less about the main course. Lol




July 16th, 2014

A good day. Aidan had a little math lesson with his teacher. He missed so much schooling due to his leukemia that his teacher wants to make sure he is ready to go back to school and the third grade. Aidan was very lucky to get the teacher he got for his home/ hospital school, she is  really  a fantastic, caring teacher.




July 15th, 2014

Doctor day. Counts were great!!! Next appointment is July 31 for a spinal tap and chemotherapy.




July 14th, 2014

A good day! Tuesday is doctor day for blood counts only.




July 13th, 2014

Still feeling great!




July 12th, 2014

Same day as yesterday!




July 11th, 2014

Not much to report. Aidan was feeling great!




July 10th, 2014

An ok day. Just a little rash on the forehead from the meds.




July 9th, 2014

The day started good. Aidan went swimming, played video games and took his scooter out for a spin. Unfortunately, the scooter didn't see the separation in the cement and once again band aides and Neosporin were needed.  That was it for the day and for the scooter for a while.




July 8th, 2014

Doctor day. Blood counts only. White blood cells were a little low but everything else was good. He will have to go back next week for blood work again.




July 7th, 2014

A fun filled day for Aidan at Universal Studios with pop pop and the family. He was so happy to  finally be tall enough to go on all the rides. The faster the better for him. Of course he could not resist all the yummy treats.




July 6th, 2014

Aidan spent most of the day resting.




July 5th, 2014

Another great day!!!




July 4th, 2014

Happy 4th of July!! We are so happy that All of Aidan's heaviest treatments are in the past and he was able feel good and party with family and





July 3rd, 2014

Aidan was feeling great!




July 2nd, 2014

Aidan was feeling better today. Unfortunately he had to take his weekly big dose of at home chemotherapy pills that will kick in and make him feel crappy again in a few days. He said today that " it sucks to feel and be sick. I wish I was better already!!!!"




July 1st, 2014

A day of just resting and laying around is just what Aidan needed.




June 30th, 2014

Aidan just muscles through his body pain. He tries not to let it bother him and act like a regular kid.




June 29th, 2014

Same day as yesterday. Today his hips were hurting him and he asked for Tylenol. Even though he does not feel good, Aidan still pushes himself to play and swim. He is such a strong kid!




June 28th, 2014

Chemo kicked in. Aidan was not feeling good. He was weak, nauseous and had body pain.




June 27th, 2014

Aidan felt weak and tired today.




June 26th, 2014

A good feeling day.




June 25th, 2014

Big pill day. 18 and a half down the hatch.




June 24th, 2014

Doctor day. Aidan had bloodwork done, numbers were great and he got chemotherapy. He is back on the steroids for 5 days and we all know what that means. It looks like until Aidan is chemo free he is going to have puffy little cheeks.




June 23rd, 2014

Aidan was feeling good today.




June 22nd, 2014

Still having fun at grandma and grandpa's and feeling good!




June 21st, 2014

This was the first time Aidan stayed at grandma and grandpa's without mommy. He had a great time, was responsible with taking his medication and felt good. Mommy on the other hand was very nervous but knew he was in great hands and happy knowing the hospital was very close, just in




June 20th, 2014

Aidan was feeling great today. Mommy was happy to have her baby well enough to celebrate her birthday with her.




June 19th, 2014

Another good day. Just a little weakness.




June 18th, 2014

Aidan's feeling better. He was able to finally go swimming. Today he took his big dose of at home chemotherapy pills.




June 17th, 2014

Aidan was happy to spend the day with his cousins. He still has a cough and at night had a slight fever.




June 16th, 2014

Talked to the doctor. Aidan can resume his chemotherapy pills. He was was very happy that he is feeling better and can go to an event hosted by The Hoefflin Foundation, our cancer support group. The kids had so much fun on the go carts, bumper boats and playing miniature golf.




June 15th, 2014

Feeling better, still a little cough but no fever. Able to celebrate Father's day with the family.




June 14th, 2014

Still not feeling good.




June 13th, 2014

Still coughing and low grade fever.




June 12th, 2014

Aidan still has a fever so his doctor wanted to see him today. His chest sounded clear so no x ray was needed as first thought. This bad cold is just going to have to run it's course.  He is still not allowed to take his chemotherapy pills but does have to take mucinex dm.


Unfortunately mom and Shane have the same cold 🙁




June 11th, 2014

Same day as yesterday. Fever and cold symptoms.




June 10th, 2014

Aidan woke up with a 102.8 fever. His throat hurt and his nose was running. He went to the doctor. He had to wear a mask so he would not spread his germs. His blood was drawn and along with the regular tests the Dr ordered a blood culture. His numbers came back good. Since he has a cold he cannot take his chemotherapy pills. The Dr will keep in touch and then will decide when he can start the pills again.


Next appointment, as long as all goes ok with this bad cold, will be on the 24th. He will then get iv chemotherapy.




June 9th, 2014

Not a good day. Aidan had a fever and cold symptoms. Tuesday is doctor day for blood

tests only.




June 8th, 2014

A very big Thank you to Bethlehem Lutheran Church!! The amazing kids from their youth group raised money for Aidan by having bake sales and a car wash.




June 7th, 2014

Aidan was very tired today and a few body aches from so much playing yesterday.




June 6th, 2014

Happy day! Aidan spent the day withh his best friend Jake!!!




June 5th, 2014

Aidan had a great day!! He wasn't 100 percent but this kid is strong! To celebrate Shane's culmination and Aidan's remission the boys were surprised with concert tickets to see some of their favorite bands. We didn't tell them where they were going and they still didn't catch on until we got to the t shirt selling booths.


Music has always been big in our house, especially since dad is a musician. Music got Aidan through a lot of his treatments and horrible feeling days.  Both boys danced and sang along with the bands and just had a fantastic time! Of course, since the steroids are in Aidan's  system he ate all through the concert,lol.


Thank you, American Authors, The Script and One Republic for a good , memorable night for our boys, they sure needed it!!!




June 4th, 2014

Aidan had a busy day. He had Shane's culmination in the morning follwed by a after party followed by his last day of school. He was discharged from home / hospital school and is ready to go back to regular school!!! He got a great report card and can't wait to be with his friends for 3rd grade!!!




June 3rd, 2014

A few body aches, mostly hips hurting him. Hungry all day long!!




June 2nd, 2014

A good day. Did great with his schooling. Steroids flowing through his system making Aidan hungry all day long.




June 1st, 2014

Just an ok day. Aidan was not feeling well. Not sure if it is from the chemotherapy last week or the meds he takes at home.




May 31st, 2014

Today North Valley Youth Baseball planted a tree in honor of Aidan at closing ceremonies. Both Aidan and Shane played in the league and Aidan can't wait to get back on the fields. They have been a great support to us. It is also very nice that Aidan and his best friend Jake got to help dig the hole together.




May 30th, 2014

Pretty much the same day as yesterday. The steroids are making Aidan so very hungry and the craving with this round is Del Taco double dels.




May 29th, 2014

Aidan was feeling ok today. His body is tired, weak and sore from all his meds.




May 28th, 2014

Aidan was feeling good today, just a little weak. Today was a big day for pills, 18 1/2 were taken with no problem, he is a pro now. Sad that he is a pro at taking pills, he is 7! He should be a pro at sports or academics, not at taking pills to save his life.




May 27th, 2014

Early doctor's appointment. Aidan got chemotherapy and blood work. All his numbers

were perfect! Now he can go every 2 weeks instead of every week to the doctor. Yay!!




May 26th, 2014

Aidan took the day off to recover after a day of activity.  He started steroids today, bring on the appetite!  Tomorrow he goes for chemo at Kaiser.  Prayers and positive thoughts please.




May 25th, 2014

Aidan felt great today. He had fun with his cousins and friends.  Happy Memorial Day!



May 24th, 2014

Aidan felt good today. His only problem is that his feet and legs have been very weak. We are not sure if it is because he pushes himself to the limit or from his chemotherapy.




May 23rd, 2014

Aidan had a great day. He was so happy to be able to go to the carnival at our school. He hung out with the DJ and ran around like crazy. It was amazing that he had the strength to go through the inflatable obstacle course not once but four times!  Poor kid paid the price and could hardly walk by the end of the night.




May 22nd, 2014

Today was a good feeling day!




May 21st, 2014

Aidan woke up very early today so he could go to Shane's 5th grade kickball game. He was so happy to see his friends and teachers. He can't wait to go back to school to be with his friends and do P E, his favorite subject, lol.




May 20th, 2014

Aidan was finally abel to get some sleep. He felt much better and had a great school session.




May 19th, 2014

Aidan had such an amazing weekend. He was honored by the Mayor of Calabasas, David Shapiro and the City of Calabasas at the 2014 Relay for life. What a welcoming community and  their efforts in the fight for  cancer are beyond amazing. Aidan was interviewed by Calabasas TV and tons of pictures were taken of him for various newspapers and magazines. He felt like a movie star with the paparazzi after him. He was loving it!


It was hard as parents to believe that we have such a personal connection now in a fight to cure cancer. You take in all the stories of the people that have fought the fight and see that there is hope. You want to hug and thank everyone at these fundraisers because if it wasn't for events like these the research and treatments would not be possible and our son would not be alive.


Today was doctor day. Numbers were PERFECT!! Next week, chemotherapy and steroids start again.




May 18th, 2014

Closing ceremony for Relay for life.




May 17th, 2014

Relay for life event.




May 16th, 2014

Good Day!




May 15th, 2014

Aidan had insomnia last and was exhausted today.




May 14th, 2014

A good day!




May 13th, 2014

A good day! Now that Aidan is feeling better his schooling is kicking into gear. It's much easier to learn when you feel good.




May 12th, 2014

Monday was doctor day. Blood counts good!




May 11th, 2014

Happy Mother's Day!!! It was a very happy mother's day for me. Aidan was feeling great and able to go celebrate with the family. He was happy to play with his cousins and eat yummy food. He finally got to hold a cat and play with Charlie, the bird.




May 10th, 2014

Today was a good day. Aidan is feeling better and better each day.




May 9th, 2014

Aidan was feeling good today. He was a little weak and tired but it didn't stop him from anything. He had a good school session. At dinner he ate very well and finished with a piece of chocolate cake and saying, "chocolate cake, the only thing that never lets me down"!!!






May 8th, 2014

A good day.




May 7th, 2014

Finally a little better day. Aidan still has some body aches but was able to move without having to get help. The 8 pills that he needed to take in one shot went down 2 at a time with no problem. This medication is the same chemotherapy that is injected into his back with the spinal tap but in pill form and will be taken evey Wednesday,  unless there was a spinal tap that week. This chemotherapy also gives Aidan a rash around his mouth, hopefully it won't get too bad for him.




May 6th, 2014

These steroids are really doing a number to Aidan's body. He is restless, can't sleep, very weak, full of body aches and hungry constantly. Even with feeling so bad Aidan had a great school session.




May 5th, 2014

Aidan woke up still not feeling great. He had to take an anti nausea pill so he could make it to the doctor without having to throw up. When we got to the doctor he needed a wheelchair because he was to weak to walk to the office.


They drew his blood  and by the looks of Aidan we thought for sure he would need a transfusion. He needed to lay in a bed while we waited for his counts to come back and so they could observe him. All his numbers were PERFECT!!


The steroids and the previous chemos were still working their way through his body and thats why he was not feeling good. Next week same thing , blood counts only.




May 4th, 2014

Aidan was still not feeling well. He tried to go swimming but did not have the energy. He is very weak and very hungry. Tomorrow we go to the doctor for blood counts only. Hopefully he will not need a blood transfusion, that could be needed since he has been so weak.




May 3rd, 2014

Aidan did not feel good today. He spent most of the day  in bed. His back where he got his spinal tap hurt and his head hurt, which is also due to the spinal tap. His appetite was huge, thank goodness today was the last day of the steroids, however he will be back on them in one month.




May 2nd, 2014

The steroids have definitely kicked in. Aidan has been moody and very hungry. He has been crying a lot and has had bad headaches. He was very happy to see his best bud Jake finally.




May 1st, 2014

A better day. The steroids are making Aidan very hungry and the craving of the day was peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. He still has the rash around his mouth but a little vasaline eased the discomfort.




April 30th, 2014

Not a good day. Aidan was very tired and moody.




April 29th, 2014

Aidan was feeling ok today. He was not happy about having to take so many meds but this is something he is going to have to get used to. Even with a low dose of chemotherapy, Aidan still got a rash around his mouth 🙁




April 28th, 2014

Aidan's numbers were good so he was able to start the maintenance phase of treatment. This is the final phase of treatment and should last 2 and a half to three years. Aidan will get chemotherapy once a month now. He will start off with a once a week trip to the doctor to every two weeks for blood work.


He will take a lot of medication at home now. Every Wednesday the poor kid will have to take 8 pills all at once. Another 1 and a 1/2 pills will be added to the weekdays. His weekend meds stay the same. He will go back on the steroids for 5 days and then off for a month and then back on for the remainder of this final phase.


Even though Aidan is in remission and in the maintenance phase he still has quite a battle.




April 27th, 2014

Aidan had a good day. Good energy and a good appetite. Tomorrow, if his blood count permits Aidan will be starting the final phase of treatment called Maintenance. It will start with a spinal tap tomorrow and a low dose of chemotherapy.




April 26th, 2014

Happy to be at Grandma and Granpas house. His energy level was still low but he was happy to be spending the weekend somewhere else besides the hospital.




April 25th, 2014

Aidan was exhausted today. He had a hard time keeping his eyes open for school. His body is still in recoup mode.




April 24th, 2014

Aidan did ok today. He was up early, ate and was ready for school by the afternoon. School went well and then he was ready for playtime. Sometimes he forgets that he can't keep up with  his brother and over does it. By the end of the night, Aidan was wiped out and not feeling well.




April 23rd, 2014

Aidan was feeling good! Slowly getting back to normal. He was a little tired but managed to sit through his schooling.




April 22nd, 2014

A huge thank you to Dr. Storch, Aidan's amazing Pediatric oncologist and the 3rd fl. nurses, Tessie, Jessica, Franklin, Kelly, Stephanie, Maya, Blanca, Jovanna, Elisa, Esther, Ronak and Lisa. Also to the sweet lady from member services who had to ask for $2000.00 from us, a portion of our deductible that had to be paid before Aidan could be discharged. She felt so bad that she had to ask us for the money when our son was so sick.


We also want to thank, Aunt Jackie, Grandma Carolyn ,Grandpa Michael, Hannah, Isabella, Aunt Jen, Buddy, Uncle Lane, Kevin,  Uncle Gary, Marisa, Fin, Shane and Sparky for coming to visit and help keep Aidan's mind off of his pain.


This was such a different experience from the first time Aidan was in the hospital. He already had his port, so there was no painful needles, he  already new the nurses, the routine and he was in the same room as his first stay. He was familiar with having to always urinate in the container, and know that his vitals were always taken in the middle of the night and the  beeping sounds of the iv machine.


Aidan is very knowledgeable about his treatments now, making sure the nurses are giving him the correct meds and asking questions about the new ones. This disease has matured him so much. It's just so that this child has to be so familiar with stuff like this.




April 21st, 2014

Day 8 in the hospital... Aidan could not fall asleep last night. He did not have any morphine yesterday so his body wasn't sleepy. He also had a little pain in his throat but refused

Tylenol. After they drew his blood and took his vitals around 5 am he was ready to sleep.


When Aidan woke he ate( Aunt Jen's bunny cake ) and drank and said he had no pain. His counts came back great! No platelets were needed. He was able to go home!! His doctor came in around 12:30,examined him and said he is good to go.


On the way home he asked for a hot dog, fries and a chocolate shake. He was so happy to be home and couldn't wait to play his video games.


He was able to eat dinner, nothing salty, that burned his lips and he was able to take his pill. He was very happy to be home and in his comfy bed.




April 20th, 2014

Day 7 in the hospital. Easter in the hospital was not so bad. Aidan woke up to a basket of goodies and eggs hidden all around his room. He had fun trying to find the eggs with an iv Aidan was happy to have his family with him today.


Aidan felt  a little better today and was able to eat and drink more. His count came back ok, although his platelets were a little low. We will know tomorrow if he will need platelets. A pediatrician examined him today and said everything else is looking better.


The night nurses came in and gave him a lego and said that if all goes well he will be going home tomorrow!!




April 19th, 2014

Day 6 in the hospital.... Aidan was feeling better. He was able to eat and drink a little. His numbers were higher than yesterday. An infectious disease doctor examined him today and was happy to see him feeling better and to see the sores healing. She said hopefully Monday he would be able to go home. As long as he can swallow his pills. He was not happy because he wanted to be home for Easter.


Aidan had lots of visitors today. He especially loved seeing and cuddling with Buddy, his cousins dog. Since Aidan is not a huge fan of hospital food and he can eat a little now so  he asked daddy to go get him a corn dog. Unfortunately his tummy started to hurt( because he has some food in his tummy after going 6 days without any) and he asked to save it for tomorrow.




April 18th, 2014

Day 5 in the hospital. Aidan's day started horrible. He was in so much pain. After he got his morphine he started to feel a little better. He was happy to have his cousin Hannah come and visit with him. He even was even able to eat 10 fruit loops.


The nurse said he had to wash the food down with water, since his lips are so bad she used a syringe to get the water in. Some how water was more painful than food. Since he was feeling a little better Aunt Jackie brought him a chocolate milkshake, unfortunately no matter how hard he tried it was just too painful to drink.


Aidan's count came back and his numbers rose. That means he is healing and he is no longer neutropenic. It is just going to take time to heal. Since he can't take meds orally he will have to have his weekend meds through the iv. So, Aidan will have to be in the hospital til at least Monday.


Later in the day, Sparky and Shane came for a visit. They were all so happy to see each other. Sparky layed on the bed with him and did not want to leave. Aidan decided he wanted to try some more food and asked for a hot dog. Of course Grandma ran and got it for him. Again, it was too painful. He was able to eat a few fries

and had a sip of water. The best time for Aidan is one hour after he gets his morphine, he has less pain and tries to eat without crying.


Hopefully tomorrow will be better.




April 17th, 2014

Another day in the hospital. When Aidan woke up he choked up blood and was in severe pain. He got his morphine and started to feel a tiny bit better. Since he felt better he managed 2 sips of chicken soup. That was it for the day. His esophagus is so sore that nothing can go down. Sometimes he cannot even swallow his saliva.


He does not have a fever and his labs are not showing an infection, which is good. Hopefully he does not get an infection because that could be serious. He still can't talk and he is starving. This poor baby is so frustrated. And to top it off he will probably be in the hospital for Easter.


The doctor says this could take 10 or more days to heal and she won't release him until he is able to eat and drink.


Positive thoughts and prayers please.




April 16th, 2014

Another painful miserable day in the hospital. He still can't talk, eat or drink. He is choking on the sores in his throat and vomiting up blood. The doctor said the worst day will be day 10 since the last chemo treatment and he is on day 7.


This is the worst case they have seen. The dr called in an infectious disease doctor. They decided to put Aidan on an anti virus drip, to be on the safe side. He is still on morphine every 4 hrs, it helps to keep Aidan asleep so he can heal and not suffer.


Aidans numbers have changed also.His  white blood cells are down and he is neutropenic, which means he is highly susceptible to infection and he cannot have any fresh fruits or fresh vegetables.




April 15th, 2014

Aidan was not able to talk,eat or drink. The sores in his mouth and throat are so severe and painful for him. He is on morphine every 4 hours. Whenever he tries to eat, the food gets stuck in his throat and he chokes and vomits blood.


The doctor says he will probably be in the hospital for the next few days or until he is able to eat and drink.


Aidan was happy to get visits from his cousins. He just wishes he was able to run around and play with them at home.

Positive thoughts and prayers please!




April 14th, 2014

Bump in the road. Aidan was admitted to the hospital due to severe throat sore from his chemotherapy. He has been vomiting for a few days and he will be getting iv hydration and iv pain meds. Prayers and positive thoughts please!!




April 13th, 2014

Aidan woke up feeling horrible. His throat was very sore and he had mouth sores, which is a side effect from chemo. He did not have an appetite and even if he did he could not eat because everything including liquids hurt going down his throat. He was also very weak and tired. Towards the end of the day Aidan started throwing up. Breaks our hearts to see our baby in go through this.




April 12th, 2014

Aidan woke up feeling good. He was happy that he was feeling better so he could go to a bowling party our family was invited to by the Michael Hoefflin Foundation. Aidan had a great time bowling and eating pizza but after 3 games he was exhausted. When we were leaving both boys were given a springtime basket with lots of goodies. When we got home Aidan was not feeling good and had a slight fever.We are going to try Tylenol and hope that he does not get worse. Please check out the Michael Hoefflin Foundation at www. . They are an amazing foundation that gives amazing support to families battling children's cancers. They have been such a great support to our family and we cannot thank them enough!!




April 11th, 2014

Not a good day. Aidan had horrible stomach pains and a bad headache.




April 10th, 2014

Aidan was extremely tired today. Not really hungry but very thirsty.




April 9th, 2014

Big day!!!! Today was Aidan's last day of intense chemotherapy. He got a very high dose and will probably feel worse than last week but he hopefully will not have to ever go through this again.


Next week he will only go to the doctor for his blood count and the following week........ MAINTENANCE!!!! This means he will only get chemotherapy once a month at the doctors office and he will take chemotherapy pills at home for the next 2 1/2 years.


As long as his body responds well to maintenance Aidan will be able to go back to school and go back to living a normal life. We can happily say that our strong, amazing boy is in remission!! Our ultimate goal is to be chemo free!!!!!!




April 8th, 2014

Aidan had an ok day. He was tired and had a hard time doing his schooling because he

was tired. He is also nervous about his next chemotherapy treatment because he got

so sick with the last treatment.




April 7th, 2014

Sorry for the lack of posts, mommy had some surgery and has been down. Aidan has been feeling good! His next chemotherapy treatment is this Wednesday.




April 2nd, 2014

Aidan had an ok day. He had some weakness and joint pain. His appetite is still not good and he is losing weight. A plus for him, his hair is starting to grow back!!!




April 1st, 2014

Aidan felt better today however he was very weak and tired. Still not much of an appetite.




March 31st, 2014

Much better day for Aidan. He felt ok but not much of an appetite. He says he can't wait to go back on the steroids because he enjoys food when he is on them. Lol.

Being that we are 7 months into this journey and our amazing pediatric oncologist has taught us the art of not freaking out about Aidan's bad days and giving us the knowledge of when to take Aidan to the hospital or call and how to treat things ourselves.Which in turn does not freak out Aidan or scare him.




March 30th, 2014

Another bad day. Headaches, stomach pains, no appetite and a low grade fever.




March 29th, 2014

Not a good day. It started with Aidan throwing up. He had a headache and stomach pains. He was weak, tired and had no appetite. His temperature started to rise early evening. Hoping he for a peaceful night.




March 28th, 2014

Aidan woke up feeling ok. He had his school session. After school he was exhausted, weak and did not feel good at all. Later in the day his head hurt and his mood was not good.




March 27th, 2014

Aidan went to the doctor today. His numbers were good and he got his chemotherapy. He got another higher dose of one of the meds. After the chemo he got very tired, moody and he did not feel good at all. He slept the whole way home and went to bed early.




March 26th, 2014

Aidan was up all night not feeling good at all. He had his cold symptoms. He was nauseous and he had a headache. When he woke up he was not feeling well. Thursday is dr day and he will be getting chemotherapy. It will be a higher dose than last week. Hopefully the side effects will not be too bad.




March 25th, 2014

Aidan was OK today.  He still has cold symptoms and was weak.  He was able to get out for some fresh air but got tired fast.




March 24th, 2014

Aidan was feeling OK today.  He was a little weak and tired but got through school without a problem.




March 23rd, 2014

Aidan was not feeling good when he woke up. He threw up twice in the morning. Started to feel better but still had cold symptoms. After dinner he threw up again.




March 22nd, 2014

Aidan still had his cold. He was very tired and weak and not very hungry at all.




March 21st, 2014

Aidan woke up in a really bad mood. His throat hurt and it hurt when he coughed. He was getting tired fast but pushed himself to the limit.




March 20th, 2014

Aidan still has his cold and rash around the mouth. He spent most of the day on the couch with little energy.




March 19th, 2014

Aidan had a good day. He still has his cold and the rash around around his mouth. His energy was still amazing even though he is not feeling 100 %.  His temperature was up to 99.9 before bed so we gave him Tylenol and it helped him go to sleep.




March 18th, 2014

Aidan was very tired and weak today.  The rash around his mouth, a side effect from chemo, is in full effect.




March 17th, 2014

Aidans numbers were good and he did not have a fever so he was able to get his treatment. Each week it is a higher dose of one of the chemos. Hopefully he won't have any bad side effects.


After his treatment, Aidan was exhausted and weak. He fell asleep in the car and needed to be carried into the house. His next appointment will be on the 27th.




March 16th, 2014

Aidan was up most of the night with a stuffy nose and a fever of 100.2. He took some Tylenol and went through a box of tissues then fell asleep. When he woke his fever was at 100.6. He took Tylenol again and the fever broke.


Since it is a weekend and we go to the doctor tomorrow we are to watch his temperature and give him Tylenol every 4 hrs. We are hoping he does not get worse and he stays on his treatment plan.


Even with Cancer and a cold/ fever Aidan had good energy and a great personality.This kid is so strong and such a fighter!!!


Positive thoughts and prayers for tomorrow's doctors appointment, please!!!




March 15th, 2014

Aidan was ok during the day. Towards the night he had a sore throat and a headache. No fever yet and thank goodness he goes to the doctor Monday. Hopefully he does not develop a fever so he can get his chemotherapy.




March 14th, 2014

After not being able to fall asleep until 2am, Aidan still got up and ready for school. He had a great school session. His energy was ok . His appetite on the other hand was not so great.




March 13th, 2014

Aidan was feeling good and had great energy. Unfortunately his brother was not well. It's hard when someone else in our house gets sick because we get so worried about Aidan catching it. His body can't fight a cold or flu like us.




March 12th, 2014

Aidan had great energy today. He had a big school test and was exhausted after.




March 11th, 2014

Aidan has had bad insomnia lately. Last night was really bad. He just could not fall asleep. His energy today was ok.




March 10th, 2014

Today Aidan had good energy. He was able to have a great school session but was exhausted afterwards. His appetite is still not great and it looks like his body is not as bloated and some of the weight is coming off from when he was on the steroids.




March 9th, 2014

Aidan had an ok day. He had a slight headache and not much of an appetite but was able to get out for some fresh air. Its amazing, so many people stare at him when he goes out and he does not notice at all.




March 8th, 2014

Aidan's day started not so good. He was vomiting and just really weak. He started to feel better and decided he was ok to go out and get some fresh air. We took him out for some goodies and a visit to grandma and grandpa's. By the end of the day he had a bit of a headache and was exhausted.




March 7th, 2014

Aidan was feeling good and had lots of energy today. He had a great and very long school session.




March 6th, 2014

Long doctors appointment today. Aidan had another fibrin sheath. His blood would not come out at all. He was given a special cream through his port that cleared the path for the blood to come out.


His numbers were good! He got his chemotherapy and a prescription for a cream to put on the rash around mouth. He has no eating restrictions at this time and he is very happy about that!




March 5th, 2014

Aidans day was good. The rash around his mouth is still there and off and on it bothers him while he eats. His energy was really good and so was his appetite. Tomorrow he goes to the doctor for chemotherapy.




March 4th, 2014

Aidan had a good day. He finally lost a tooth that has been bothering him. His energy was ok and so was his appetite.




March 3rd, 2014

Today was a lot like yesterday. Not much energy and a little appetite.




March 2nd, 2014

Aidan was weak today. He is getting tired very fast and he can only eat a little at each meal.




March 1st, 2014

Another ok day. A little weakness and jaw pain.




February 28th, 2014

Aidan had an ok day. His only complaint today was jaw pain.




February 27th, 2014

Aidan was feeling good at the beginning of the day. Right before dinner he started to feel bad. He said his head and jaw hurt. He had a very slight fever. His appetite is also decreasing a little more each day.




February 26th, 2014

Achey joints, achey ankles, sore back and no appetite.




February 25th, 2014

Aidan was a little achey and sore from his treatment yesterday. The rash  around his mouth (side effects of chemotherapy) is in full effect.




February 24th, 2014

A new round of treatment started today. Aidan got a spinal tap so he wasn't able to eat anything after 10 am. He got chemotherapy and was allowed to eat around 5 pm when they could see that he is awake enough after the spinal tap.


His numbers were good so he is allowed to continue to eat what he wants for now. They noticed a little thickness in his blood so they had to run a cholesterol test. We don't have that result yet.


This round will go to April 30th.  Hopefully the side effects will not be to hard on Aidan.




February 23rd, 2014

Aidan enjoyed his last day before starting his next round of treatment. He got to go to the movie theater to see the Lego movie. He was so happy see a movie out and not at home. There was lots of hand washing and lot's of stares from people.




February 22nd, 2014

Another good day. Aidan's day started with a brunch buffet with the family then  he had dinner with some friends he hasn't seen in a while. The only problem he has is the rash around his mouth that is very uncomfortable.




February 21st, 2014

Aidan finally got new shoes. This poor kid out grew his shoes while he has been sick and has had to wear flip flops back and forth to the dr. He was so excited to get out and go to a mall. We had lots of hand washing while we were there. He really enjoyed walking around the mall. His body is a little sore because he hasn't been getting much exercise, so the walking was very good for him.


Aidan feels he has lots of restaurant eating to make up for, so he got to eat at the Cheesecake Factory. What a great night that was definitely needed for Aidan, his Pop Pop is visiting, he went to the mall, he at out and he bumped into his cousins while at the mall!!!




February 20th, 2014

Aidan's energy has been good. He had a energetic school session but got real tired after. The rash around the mouth side effect of chemotherapy came back.  Side effects can occur days after a chemotherapy is given so we are hoping nothing else happens.




February 19th, 2014

Aidan went to the doctor today. His numbers were good and no transfusion or platelets were needed.


His next round of treatment will start on Monday the 24th. He will have a spinal tap and  get higher dosages of chemos that he has had before. He will then go every 10 days for chemotherapy treatments of those higher dosages for the next 57 days.


For now Aidan is allowed to continue eating what he wants and can go to public places, using common sense since it is still flu season and his immune system is still compromised.




February 18th, 2014

A good day. Great school session and even some outdoor play. Wednesday is doctor day. Only blood work is scheduled unless his numbers show a transfusion or platelets needed.




February 17th, 2014

Today was a big day for Aidan. After 6 months he finally got to eat at a restaurant!! He has been wanting ribs and a caesar salad from Famous Dave's and today he got it!!




February 16th, 2014

Good day for Aidan. He was happy to spend another day at grandma and grandpa's and olay with his cousins.




February 15th, 2014

A great day for Aidan! He was happy to be at grandma and grandpa's, happy to be with his cousins and be well enough to play outside.




February 14th, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Aidan had great energy and felt really good. He was a little upset and sad about missing all the Valentine fun at school. At least he was able to go to grandma and grandpa's for some make your own pizzas. He was also happy to spend the night with his cousins.




February 13th, 2014

Off to the doctor we went. Aidan was in a good mood and felt very well. He kept positive thoughts about having to not get a transfusion or platelets. He even wanted to do his homework there. Those positive thoughts and good attitude worked! His numbers were good, no transfusion, no platelets needed and he is no longer neutropenic.


Aidan can finally eat in a restaurant, eat fresh fruits and vegetables and we don't have to microwave any food that has been brought in from any restaurants. He is so happy!!!  


The only issue he had today was a fibrin sheath formed around his port inside his chest. It made it hard for his blood to be drawn. Our amazing nurse knew right away what the problem was and was able to treat it before a blood clot formed.




February 12th, 2014

Aidan had an ok day. He had some weakness and not a great appetite. Tomorrow he goes to the doctor. No chemotherapy just blood work to see if he needs platelets  and or a blood transfusion.




February 11th, 2014

Aidan woke up not feeling well. His stomach was bothering him and he was very weak. Later in the morning he started to feel better,had a great school session and he even got outside for some fresh air.




February 10th, 2014

Aidan had a good day. He was able to go out to the backyard for some fresh air and toss around a football with dad and Pop Pop. He got tired fast but he had fun. His appetite has decreased and it looks like his tummy has gone down a little.




February 9th, 2014

Another good day! Today was the last day of Aidan's 14 day at home chemotherapy pill, this was a very expensive pill, our cost for this one was $425.00 . Aidan is very happy that he does not have to go to the doctor tomorrow, his poor little chest needs a break from the tape that is used for his treatments because it was getting so red and sore after so many days in a row of treatments.




February 8th, 2014

Aidan is feeling good. He has energy and his mood has been ok. The weekends he always has more pills to take and he is not happy about that.




February 7th, 2014

Since the transfusion Aidan has more energy. His appetite has leveled and he has not been snacking as much.




February 6th, 2014

Aidan had to have a blood transfusion today. His numbers are decreasing and he is now neutropenic, which means the white blood cells in his body are at a very low count and are unable to fight bacteria or infections. He is not allowed any fresh fruits or vegetables at this time.


We will have to constantly check Aidan's temperature and make sure he does not have a fever. If he gets a fever he will have to go to the hospital. His next doctors appointment is next Thursday, no chemotherapy but they will be checking his blood. He may need another transfusion or platelets because this weeks chemotherapy will be in full effect in his body.




February 5th, 2014

Today was a quick chemotherapy treatment. He has been doing so good so far. He was able to have his schooling when he got home. Tomorrow, they draw blood and that will determine if Aidan needs a blood transfusion. He will also get a chemotherapy treatment. Positive thoughts and prayers please!




February 4th, 2014

Quick chemotherapy treatment today. Aidan is such a brave boy. He goes into the treatment room without mom and dad  now.  Aidan felt ok for a little bit  after but then started to feel weak and his tummy hurt. Tomorrow  should be another quick treatment day, unless they think he looks too pale, then they will draw blood.




February 3rd, 2014

Numbers are starting to change. Looks like by Thursday Aidan will need a blood transfusion. He had a new chemotherapy that will take about 14 days to show any side effects. From what the doctor said, the next 3 weeks Aidan will not be feeling very well. Tomorrow, another treatment day.




February 2nd, 2014

Aidan had a really good day. He got to go grandma and grandpa's house and spend the day with family. He was feeling good and had good energy. Tomorrow he starts another 4 day in a row of chemo treatments. Prayers and positive thoughts please!




February 1st, 2014

Another ok day for Aidan. He had a little energy off and on. He is such a fighter. He said he is so tired of being sick so he thinks he is not and tries to feel good so maybe he will feel good. That's our amazing boy!!!




January 31st, 2014

Aidan was feeling ok today. His energy level is decreasing but not his appetite. He was happy to get a goodie package with his favorite spicy snacks from his best bud, Jake.




January 30th, 2014

Last treatment for this week. Aidan's numbers were good, which they expected. This weeks chemotherapy will start to take effect by Sunday. He will start to lose alot of energy and Monday  his count will definitely change. His appetite has started to change, he is not as hungry but when he eats, all he wants is spicy food.




January 29th, 2014

Another quick treatment today. We were told that with this round Aidan will most likely need platelets and a blood transfusion. He will start to feel the effects of his chemotherapy this Sunday. The doctor also told us with this round he will definitely not be able to be around anyone who is, has been or feels like they are sick.


Later in the day he had bad headaches and his temperature started to rise so he had to take Tylenol. Hoping he has a peaceful night. Tomorrow, another treatment and they will check his blood.




January 28th, 2014

A very quick treatment today. It was one med and it was a push (syringe through the port). So far the only side effect is a little rash on his face. Since Aidan had a spinal tap yesterday, his back is sore and he had a bit of a headache. He says he can handle the pain and doesn't want Tylenol. Tomorrow will be the same treatment.




January 27th, 2014

A very long day for Aidan. He had to wake up at 5 am so he could eat breakfast before his cut off time of 6am. His numbers were good so all went as planned. He got his spinal tap and chemotherapy. He was so hungry when he woke up from the tap, he had salad,soup,pizza, turkey sandwich, peanut butter crackers and cookies. The doctor is not sure why he is so hungry because he is not on the steroids now but its great that he has an appetite.


Aidan will start a new chemotherapy pill to be taken at home for the the next two weeks. He will also go in for chemotherapy for the next three days and next Monday through Thursday. Hoping the side effects are not to rough on him.




January 26th, 2014

A good feeling day! Thank goodness. It was perfect timing for his teacher to call to see how he was doing and to see if he would be up for  a session. He did very well with his schooling. He has such a great teacher.


Tomorrow, If all is on track, Aidan will get a spinal tap and chemotherapy. The chemotherapy he will be getting is a 7hr drip. This will be a hard day for him, especially since he won't be able to eat after 6 am and the steroids are still in his system making him hungry all day. This round he will go 4 days in a row  of chemotherapy for this week and next.

Prayers and positive thoughts please!




January 25th, 2014

Aidan woke up very early this morning throwing up. He is eating so much that he is probably making himself sick. Other than that he was ok today. A little weak but able to be out of bed and play video games for a little bit. He was even feeling good enough to face time with his favorite bud, Jake. Made both their days!!




January 24th, 2014

Aidan had a really nice day. He was very moody and mean because of his meds and he was starved all day because of the steroids but he got to spend the day at Grandma and Grandpa's in Calabasas because of electrical work being done at our house.


For the past few months Aidan has been asking for a spa day,lol. So, Aidan got to take a Jacuzzi bath. The jets massaged his achey bones and body and he was very happy. Grandma had all his favorite foods and made his favorite chicken dinner. Grandpa went out and got him the cherry pie that he had to have for dessert.




January 23rd, 2014

A good day. Still very weak and tired but he was able to walk around and crack some jokes. His appetite was very good, the steroids are still in effect. Such a strong, amazing, sweet boy!!!




January 22nd, 2014

A little better of day for Aidan. Only a few tummy pains. He was still very weak but managed to walk around the house. The chemotherapy is very hard on his tummy ( aka chemo-farts) so now he had to add a little gas-x to his day.


He feels sad  and left out because he cannot go out for his family and friends birthday celebrations now. It's the days that he feels better that he thinks about all the things he cannot do now.  Cancer sucks!!!! Especially for a 7 year old!!!




January 21st, 2014

Aidan was up all last night. He was starved, but right after he would eat his stomach hurt and the food went right through him. Then he just layed in bed and starred at the wall. He had a few moments of feeling ok and that is when he would eat. He was very weak and tired and spent the whole day in bed. Tomorrow he will have school, he had to take  all last week off because he was so sick.




January 20th, 2014

It was rough but Aidan made it out of the house for his doctors appointment. He was so weak that he could not make it to a bed there and just wanted lay on the couch in the waiting room. His numbers came back ok except for his kidney levels so they had to give him  fluids through his port and then he was able to go home.


He was given a prescription for a special mouth wash and a new pill that he will start next week. Next Monday, if his numbers are at the allowing levels and the doctors feelings, he will get a Spinal tap and new chemotherapy meds. The doctor may have him take an extra week off of chemotherapy if she feels it would be to hard on him at that time.




January 19th, 2014

Aidan woke up in a very bad mood. He was starved but his mouth hurt so bad he couldn't eat. When he finally ate he cried in pain and forced the food down. He was very weak and tired and spent the day in bed. Tomorrow he goes to the doctor but only for blood work, no chemotherapy. Hoping all goes well and hopefully the doctor can prescribe something for his mouth sores. Positive thoughts and prayers





January 18th, 2014

Aidan had another horrible day. Bad stomach pains. The sores in his mouth make it hard for him to eat and he is just so frustrated. He cried and fought taking his pills. His mood was so bad and he was very mean. We know its the meds talking so we let him vent. He cried and asked if he was dying, which was so hard to hear. This is painful as parents and a brother to watch someone  you love go through this.




January 17th, 2014

This poor baby is suffering so bad. His stomach hurt all day. He was very weak and tired and spent the day in bed. His jaw and his tongue hurt. He was constantly hungry and food goes right through him. He craves spicy food but his tongue and tummy cannot handle it. He was mean and moody. These medications are just so harsh on his little body. Tomorrow he adds more pills to his day and he is very upset about that.




January 16th, 2014

Another bad day. Aidan's day started at 4:30 with a trip to the kitchen for chips and salsa, cookies and a granola bar. The rest of the day he was very weak and tired. Throwing up, starving,  mean, moody. Sores inside the mouth and a rash around the mouth both a side effects from the chemotherapy. We had to cancel his school for today going to try tomorrow. It's just not fair for this little guy to have to go through this 🙁




January 15th, 2014

Achey, weak, moody, mean, and starving all day. Tomorrow Aidan has school, hope he feels a little better to sit through the 2 hours he is scheduled for.




January 14th, 2014

Not a good day. Aidan's mood was so bad and his body ached really bad. He is very tired and weak. This is really a rough road for him, he wants to be all better already. He cries to take his meds and those steroids kicked in, he is constantly hungry and mommy is running to get everything he craves.




January 13th, 2014

Aidan woke up in a good mood and feeling ok, just some body aches which makes it hard for him to walk . We made it to the hospital without having to use a vomit bag. His treatment went well but his numbers were not so good. At this time his little body is not able to fight infections and his resistance is very low. Now we really have to be very careful with what he eats and who he is around.


He is back on the steroids this week and he has to take anti nausea medication. Next week he will only go for blood work, no chemotherapy. By the end of the month( 1/27/14) if his numbers fall in the right place he will start a 4 day in a row, one day will be a 7 hour drip, for two weeks, chemotherapy treatment. If his numbers are not right, the treatment will be delayed.


Tomorrow is Aidan's brother Shane's birthday. He is having a hard time because his birthday party will have to wait until his brother is doing a little better. If any of our Van Gogh friends see Shane, please wish him a happy birthday.





January 12th, 2014

Aidan had a good day. He was able to play outside for a little bit.  Tomorrow is treatment day and he will be feeling bad again. Positive thoughts and prayers please.




January 11th, 2014

Aidan woke up starving. He was in a bad mood most of the day. His body was very weak

and his stomach bothered him all day.




January 10th, 2014

Last night was very bad. Aidan cried himself to sleep because his stomach pains were so bad. Today his stomach felt better but his body was so sore and weak. He walks like a very frail elderly person.  He falls when he walks.His appetite was very good and his mood was much better than yesterday.




January 9th, 2014

Aidan was very weak today. He could barely walk and spent most of the day in bed. His body is very achey and whats left of his hair is falling out. He had another bloody nose and he just felt very sad.




January 8th, 2014

Aidan woke up feeling a little better. He was able to eat and keep it down. After dinner his stomach started to hurt again and he felt really bad.




January 7th, 2014

Another bad day for Aidan. He was very nauseous and very weak.  He had bad stomach pains again.  He did not get out of bed today and he would not let mommy leave his side.




January 6th, 2014

Aidan's day started at 4 am. He was woken up by excruciating stomach pains. His mood was so bad and all he could do was cry. The pain eased up a little and he was able to eat some eggs and take his morning meds.


All the way to the doctor he cried that his stomach hurt and that his neck was hurting. He was still crying when we got there and after they accessed his port. He finally stopped crying after the chemotherapy started. The doctor said his miserableness / moodiness is mostly from steroids.


His numbers were good again and they gave him extra fluids along with his chemotherapy just incase he has an increased amount of vomiting with this dose of chemo. Tonight will be his last dose of steroids, he will get a week off and then start them again.




January 5th, 2014

Another miserable day for Aidan. He woke up with horrible stomach pains. He was very weak and just stayed in bed the whole day. He cried that he just wants to be fixed already. Its so hard to see our baby go through this.


Tomorrow is treatment day. It's not going to be easy on his body and we are hoping we won't have to go back on Tuesday because of his body's reaction to the chemotherapy. Positive thoughts and prayers please.




January 4th, 2014

Last night was very bad for Aidan. He got a gushing nose bleed and a bad rash on his chest. He was very scared but the doctor said he will be fine. He finally took all his meds and fell asleep.


This morning was rough. He did not feel good at all. He has to take 14 pills today and tomorrow and he is not happy. He is so nauseous and weak.  He spent the whole day in bed.




January 3rd, 2014

Aidan woke up with a horrible stomach ache and a very bad headache. He tried to eat but he was just too nauseous. He slept most of the day and gave us a battle to take his meds.




January 2nd, 2014

Aidan did not have any allergic reactions to todays treatment. He was absolutely miserable though. He is still nauseous, has a bad headache and his mood is very bad from the steroids. The doctor said this month and next will be very bad for him. It will be the roughest part of his treatment.


It is so hard to see our son go through this. Please keep Aidan in your prayers.




January 1st, 2014

Aidan did not feel well at all today. He had lots of pills to take and he is not looking forward to going back to the hospital tomorrow for more treatment. Tomorrow's chemotherapy treatment will be a 2 hour drip and he will have to be watched very closely by the doctor to make sure he does not have an allergic reaction. Positive thoughts and prayers please!!




DECEMBER 31st, 2013

Aidan was at the hospital all day today. The vomiting did not stop from his treatment yesterday so he had to  get fluids and other meds through his port. He was also having very bad headaches and a very bad back pain from the spinal tap.


When he got home he was happy to see his cousins but did not have the energy to stay up to celebrate the new year.


He goes back to the hospital on Thursday for another treatment. It is so heartbreaking watching him go through this.




DECEMBER 30th, 2013

A new round started today. Aidan's numbers were good, yay! The spinal tap went well. The new chemotherapy he had today was a little rough on his body. He has been vomiting and sleeping a lot. Thursday he will go back for a 2 hour infusion which he will have to be watched very closely because some people have a very bad allergic reaction. He is also back on the steroids, the good news its pill form, the bad news is he will be adding 5 more pills to his day.


Our sweet boy will have a very rough next two months. Positive thoughts and prayers please!!




DECEMBER 29th, 2013

Sorry for the lack of updates. Mommy had some oral surgery and we were staying at Grandma and Grandpa's. Aidan has been doing good. He has a little bit of a cold. Hoping it does not interfere with the start of his new round of treatment.


Tomorrow he has a spinal tap and he is very nervous. Positive thoughts and prayers please!!




DECEMBER 26th, 2013

Aidan had an accident today on his new scooter that he got for Christmas. The doctor said as long as he wears a helmut, elbow pads and knee pads that is is ok for him to ride it. Well, we should have added a cup the to the protective gear. The little daredevil decided to try something and ended up at the hospital. The doctors main concern was internal bleeding. Thank goodness there was none of that. Just a bruise and a little pinched skin. Now Aidan is calling himself Evel Knievel and mommy's heart is back in her chest.




DECEMBER 25th, 2013

Merry Christmas!

Aidan woke up very early and very excited about Christmas. He unfortunately woke up to a rash around his mouth, a side effect of the chemotherapy. He didn't let that stop him from enjoying his day.




DECEMBER 24th, 2013

Aidan was feeling good today. He is very excited about Christmas.




DECEMBER 23rd, 2013

Aidan had a ok day. Just a little headache and some joint pain.




DECEMBER 22nd, 2013

Aidan woke up freaked out. He must have had and slept through a bad bloody nose. Its his second one in 3 days. The doctor said its from the heater in the house and as long as it doesn't last more than minutes its nothing to worry about.


Even though Aidan is enduring all the physical pain of Leukemia, Shane, Aidan's brother is going through the psychological aspect. It is so hard as a parent to deny one sibling of something that he really wants to do so bad because it can be a life or death situation for the other. Until you go through something like this you have no idea how everyone's life in the house gets turned upside down and limited.Shane is such a good kid and just needs a little extra tlc and attention now. Thank you to Grandma and Grandpa Brockman for knowing that and helping out. XO!




DECEMBER 21st, 2013

Aidan had a ok day, just a little joint pain.




DECEMBER 20th, 2013

Aidan had a great day. Today he went to a party at the hospital for all the present and past pediatric cancer patients. He saw Santa, all the wonderful nurses that took care of him while he was in the hospital and the great anesthesiologist who puts him to sleep for the bone marrow tests (who is also a cancer survivor).


It was great for Aidan to meet a whole bunch of kids who have gone through what he is going through now and see that there is a great out come and that he will be ok.


The pediatric oncology department at Kaiser Woodland Hills is absolutely wonderful!!!



Posting pictures of his doctor ( in the santa hat) a former patient who brings presents to all current patients, the nurse who gives him his treatment every week ( blue sweater) and his fellow warrior every week at the doctors office and video game buddy ( with the glasses)




DECEMBER 19th, 2013

Aidan had an ok day. He was very upset that he was not part of the holiday performance at his school this year.




DECEMBER 18th, 2013

Today was a good day. Good energy and a good appetite.




DECEMBER 17th, 2013

Aidan had a good day.  He only had a little tummy ache and not much of an appetite.




DECEMBER 16th, 2013

Aidan had his doctors appointment today. He got to decorate a cupcake before his treatment. His numbers came back great!!! The doctor is very happy with how his body is accepting the chemotherapy. The next round will start December 30th. He will have a spinal tap and then go back January 2nd for the day, this will be the start of a very intense round of chemotherapy.  He will also go back on the steroids, in pill form this time.




DECEMBER 15th, 2013











DECEMBER 14th, 2013

Aidan just layed around today. He was not feeling so great. He was happy to get a surprise visit from a volunteer from The Hoefflin Foundation who brought him a basket of goodies for the holidays. They also invited Aidan and Shane to Toys r us tomorrow morning to pick out a toy for Christmas. Because there will be so many people at this event( too many germs) Aidan will not be able to go but Shane will pick out a toy for him.




DECEMBER 13th, 2013

Aidan was a little weak today and still has the rash on his face. Other than that he had an ok day.




DECEMBER 12th, 2013

Aidan had a good day. Slight joint pain but he didn't let it bother him.




DECEMBER 11th, 2013

Aidan had a good day. He was so happy to see his cousin Gabriel, who was visiting from Austin. They had some hot chocolate and Aidan showed him how to play  the Disney Infinity video game. It was great to see Aidan smile and have a little fun.



DECEMBER 10th, 2013

Another yucky day fo Aidan. He is just not feeling great and he is starting to get frustrated. Even though he only has to take 1 pill a day during the week for this round he is throwing a fit. We just keep reminding him how strong and brave he is and that he is going to be better soon.




DECEMBER 9th, 2013

Same day as yesterday  for Aidan but today he had to struggle through school. His knees are really bothering him and his mood is just so bad.





DECEMBER 8th, 2013

Another uncomfortable day for Aidan. His knees were bothering him so bad. He just spent the day resting.




DECEMBER 7th, 2013

Aidan was a little achey and just wanted to rest most of the day. The joints in his legs were hurting him and he had trouble walking.  He knows that these are side effects of the chemotherapy and just wants to get better already.




DECEMBER 6th, 2013

Aidan had a ok day. He rested most of the day. His back was sore and he had a slight headache but he did not want any Tylenol.  




DECEMBER 5th, 2013

Tough morning for Aidan. He had to be woken up at 5:30 to eat breakfast before 6 because he is having a spinal tap. He was nauseated so eating was not going to happen. He was just too nervous.


After his port was accessed and blood was taken he went back out to the waiting room because a cupcake decorating cart came in. He decorated a cupcake with another patient. He is not a big cupcake fan so it did not bother him that he was not allowed to eat it but he had fun decorating it.


His numbers were very good, phew! He got his happy medicine and took a little nap so the doctor could do the spinal tap. Then they did the chemotherapy. It took him a bit to wake up but when he did he was in a bad mood and starving. They gave him some chicken noodle soup and he ate it down to the last noodle.


Even very weak he could not wait to go down to the farmers market at the hospital. He liked being wheeled around in the wheelchair to pick out some fruits and vegetables.


He already has a little rash around his mouth, a side effect from the chemotherapy. Hoping he doesn't get anything more serious. Now we have to be very careful about keeping him from getting another cold or the flu. We have to be careful  about the people he sees and make sure that they are not sick because in January he will be starting a very intense round of treatment and we want to keep him on the scheduled road map.




DECEMBER 4th, 2013

Nerves have the best of Aidan. He knows he will be having a procedure (spinal tap) tomorrow. He knows he cannot eat after 6 am and he is not happy about that. Hoping all goes well tomorrow. Positive thoughts and prayers please!!




DECEMBER 3rd, 2013

Today Aidan felt better. He had a great appetite and really good energy.




DECEMBER 2nd, 2013

Aidan has the never-ending runny nose. A little bit of a low grade fever but says he feels ok. He wasn't very happy with home school today. He says it's no fun because there is no jungle gym and no friends 🙁




DECEMBER 1st, 2013

Aidan was very tired today.  A little appetite and still has his runny nose.  Tomorrow, it's back to home schooling.  




NOVEMBER 30th, 2013

Aidan was feeling ok today. He just wanted to lay around until it was time to go to Grandma and Grandpa's to celebrate Hanukkah. He had fun with his cousins but sometimes forgets that he is not 100 % and gets very tired fast.




NOVEMBER 29th, 2013

Aidan had a great holiday and had fun spending the night  at Grandma and Grandpa's house with mom, dad, brother, uncle and his cousins. His cold is a little better, still a runny nose. This is the only place he is allowed to go. Grandma has all of his needs and knows everything about taking care of him now. It also helps that we are very close to his doctor and hospital.




NOVEMBER 28th, 2013

Thanksgiving Greeting for all.




NOVEMBER 27th, 2013

Another not so great feeling day for Aidan. Besides the symptoms of his virus he is also having jaw pain from his chemotherapy. Hopefully tomorrow he will feel better.




NOVEMBER 26th, 2013

Aidan was not feeling good today. He still has a slight fever and a runny nose. He felt very weak and did want to eat much.




NOVEMBER 25th, 2013

A little bump in the road. Aidan woke up with a fever, diarrhea, nauseated and a sore throat. Thank goodness today was his day to go to the doctor. The doctor examined him, cleaned his ears out and debated about giving him his chemotherapy because he has a virus. After his blood work came back she decided to go ahead with the treatment because his numbers were at a safe level.


Now we will have to keep a closer eye on him and watch his temperature. If it gets

very high he will have to be admitted to the hospital.




NOVEMBER 24th, 2013

Well after a day of partying Aidan was completely exhausted. He was still on cloud 9 from yesterday. He was so happy to see everyone and be able to have fun like a normal kid. Tomorrow is treatment day and he is nervous.  Positive thoughts and prayers please!




NOVEMBER 23rd, 2013

Aidan had a wonderful day! He was able to celebrate his birthday with a few of his closest friends and family. Aidan is very lucky to a bunch of friends that really care about him. Mom and dad are very appreciative of all the support our family has been given from all our amazing friends.




NOVEMBER 22nd, 2013





NOVEMBER 21st, 2013

Aidan was very tired today. He said he did not feel great. His body was achey and his jaw hurt. He is very excited about his birthday tomorrow.




NOVEMBER 20th, 2013

Aidan had his day made with an unexpected visit from his best friend Jake!  Enough said 🙂




NOVEMBER 19th, 2013

Aidan's day started good. He had a good school session. Good energy during the day and a not so good appetite. Aidan ended his day with a bad headache and a dose of Tylenol.




NOVEMBER 18th, 2013

Aidan woke up late again and did not feel great. He said he felt like he did not sleep at all when in fact he slept for 14 hours. He didn't really have much energy today and he said his port was bothering him but that went away after a while. He is such a strong kid that even if he feels very bad he will not take any pain meds or tell mom until he just cant take it anymore.




NOVEMBER 17th, 2013

Aidan is still feeling some aches and pains. He is having some tingling in his hands and feet, another side effect of the chemotherapy. He is not very hungry these days and wishes he was on the steroids again. He is  very happy that he does not have to go to the doctor this week. His next treatment will be the following Monday. It's going to be a long week for mommy.




NOVEMBER 16th, 2013

Another ok day. A few aches but not bad enough for Tylenol. Taking medication has become an issue, all of a sudden.Aidan will fight it for an hour. He will scream and cry and spit the pill out. Last night we had to go back to the liquid med for one ofhis doses. It's so sad to see him go through this. He is only 6. He should bethrowing a fit about cleaning his room, not taking medication to save his life 🙁




NOVEMBER 15th, 2013

Today Aidan had an ok day. He slept til 11am, which he has never done before. He had some body aches, arm pain and an upset tummy.




NOVEMBER 14th, 2013

Aidan's doctor appointment went well. All his numbers are good. His chemotherapy medications were increased and all is going as planned on his road map. We should see the side effects within the next four days.




NOVEMBER 13th, 2013

Aidan had a good day. Did great with school and had a really good appetite. He is very nervous about going to the doctor tomorrow. Hoping all goes well.




NOVEMBER 12th, 2013

Aidan was very tired today. He had a few headaches and really just felt like laying around. He was able to do his school work but the teacher could tell he was tired and not feeling so great. His teacher is amazed at how even when he is not feeling good he still wants to get his work done and do music.




NOVEMBER 11th, 2013

Aidan was very happy that he did not have to go to the doctor today. Round 3 of treatments is every 10 days.. Mom on the other hand finds it comforting to go to the doctor and is having a hard time waiting until Thursday.


Not much going on today. He felt good, had ok energy and a great appetite.




NOVEMBER 10th, 2013

Finally a good day for Aidan. He felt better and was able to go to grandma and grandpa's house to celebrate his uncle's birthday.


He is not allowed to go to many places. Grandma and Grandpa's house is really the only place he can go because grandma knows and has all of his needs and it is close to the hospital.


Whenever Aidan is feeling really good he pushes himself to the limit. He over did it a little bit and at the end of the night he had a very bad headache and had to take Tylenol.




NOVEMBER 9th, 2013

After a horrible night last night, Aidan had a little better of day today. He still had jaw pain and would not take Tylenol. He was being so strong and just ate through the pain.  


This was the first day of his weekend only medication that was switched from liquid to pill. I had to cut the pill in half because it was too big for him and it scared him. He has to take it with Gatorade because it tastes and smells yucky.


Whatever works for him we are good with because he will be taking a lot of pills on this journey.




NOVEMBER 8th, 2013

Not a very good day at all for Aidan. He woke up with very, very bad jaw pain. He tried to eat some eggs and just couldn't. As the morning progressed his whole body became very achy.


The Tylenol was no longer helping so we called the doctor. She prescribed Tylenol with codeine to try to ease his pain. It will also help him sleep which is another problem he is having.


It is so heartbreaking to see him go through this. Hoping tomorrow will be a better day.




NOVEMBER 7th, 2013

Aidan was not feeling very good today. The side effects are kicking in. He has has terrible jaw pain. It is very hard for him to eat.


Another side effect of this whole disease is a highten sense of smell. He was sitting in the kitchen and said he smelled a fire. Nothing was is the oven  so we went outside to check things out. There was actually a fire around the corner from our house. Thank goodness it was not a bad one.




NOVEMBER 6th, 2013

Aidan is starting to experience some side effects from his chemotherapy. He has had less energy and jaw and joint pain. He has to take Tylenol to help with pain.


Even not feeling well he did great with his schooling. He received his report card  today and it was fantastic!




NOVEMBER 5th, 2013

Aidan had a good day. It took a couple times for him to take his pill form of his medicine. He was surprised that it had a taste because his other pill has no taste.


So far no side effects from his chemotherapy yesterday. Hoping for the same tomorrow.




NOVEMBER 4th, 2013

Aidan started round 3 of his chemotherapy treatments. All his numbers were very good. It was very busy at the doctors office so he had to have his treatment in the waiting room.


So far he has not had a bad reaction to the 3 meds they gave him, just a little tummy ache. He is expected to have some joint and jaw pain, but that wont be for a few days. Now he he will be going every 10 days, unless his numbers are not good at his next appointment.


Now that Aidan is good at taking his pills the doctor switched all the home meds to pills. The liquid meds tasted yucky. He is very happy.




NOVEMBER 3rd, 2013

Every Sunday Aidan, mommy and daddy always have a little anxiety about his doctors appointment.  Tomorrow he starts round 3 of his chemotherapy treatments. They will be giving him the same medicine as round 2 and adding another one.


Aidan has had a few headaches.  We are hoping he won't need a blood transfusion tomorrow. Prayers and positive thoughts that all goes well tomorrow.




NOVEMBER 2nd, 2013

Aidan had an ok day. A little less energy and appetite. He was so happy to see his best friend Jake for a little bit, it made his day!!


A huge THANK YOU to everyone who participated in every way for the Team Bravan

garage sale!!




NOVEMBER 1st, 2013

Aidan had a good day. He felt well and had good energy. He was so happy to go to the Team Bravan Dance Party (please check out the TEAM BRAVAN TAB on this website).


If know Aidan, than you know how much he loves to dance. He had so much fun dancing and playing with his friends.


Thank you to everyone who donated and danced with Aidan. A very special thank you to our very special friends for creating Team Bravan and organizing all the events.xoxo!!




OCTOBER 31st, 2013

Aidan was not feeling well when he woke up. He tried to eat some breakfast but couldn't eat much. After a little bit he started to feel better and was ready for school.


He did a great job with school. She gave him a lot of work and they made a tornado. He was so happy that he did not get any homework.


This Halloween his cousins wanted to be with him. THANKS TO THE CHIRIFF FAMILY for donating a wheelchair, Aidan was able to go trick or treating. He did not have to worry about getting weak and not being able to keep up with the kids.


There is not much Aidan can do these days so when there is something that he can do and has the energy to do it , he lives it up!!




OCTOBER 30th, 2013

Today, headaches, weakness and not much of an appetite.




OCTOBER 29th, 2013

Not much to report today. Aidan had good energy but not much of an appetite. Nothing is tasting good to him except sour dough bread and butter.




OCTOBER 28th, 2013

Today did not start out to well for Aidan. He had a tummy ache. He tried to eat breakfast but couldn't get much down.


He forced himself to down his medicine. A minute later it came back up. He threw up his medicine and his breakfast.


The ride to the doctor was not pleasant. He was nauseated the whole way there. When we got there he ran to a garage can a threw up some more.


Once we got in the office he was fine. His numbers were very good and he got the OK to go trick or treating. Before we left, the doctor decided that since his numbers are good and he is not on the steroids he should get a flu shot. He flipped out. He thought since he had a port that there would be no more shots.


Aidan is a very social kid. He made friends with another sick boy while he was in the hospital and they still keep in touch playing video games together. Today he exchanged gamer tag info with another leukemia patient who he sees every Monday.Even though these kids are not the same age they all have a common bond.


One more week until the next round of infusion chemotherapy starts. It will be intense but the doctor said he should be able to enjoy his birthday on the 22nd of November.




OCTOBER 27th, 2013

Aidan had a good day. Tons of energy. He was happy to go to grandma and grandpa's house for dinner and spend some time with the family. He needs that on Sunday nights because he is always nervous about his doctors appointments on Monday.


Tomorrow's doctors appointment is hopefully going to be an easy one. No chemotherapy and no procedures scheduled as long as his blood work comes back good.


Prayers and positive thoughts, please!!




OCTOBER 26th, 2013

Aidan was so tired from last night that he slept until 10am. He woke up feeling a little sore and nauseated. After a while he felt better.  

He gets so hungry and he tries to eat but nothing tastes good to him, a side effect from the medication.




OCTOBER 25th, 2013

What a wonderful night! Since Aidan's white blood cell count is at a good number his doctor said he could go to his Schools fall festival. And with his energy level these days Aidan made up for lost time. He ran around with his friends just like he would do if he wasn't sick. For just a couple hours he was a regular kid.


We have the most unbelievable School family that anyone could possibly have.  Van Gogh Charter parents,students and faculty are the best!!! They had a booth dedicated to raising money for Aidan. We are so thankful for all the support!!!


If it wasn't for family and friends Aidan would not be able to fight this battle. He/we are very grateful to all of you.  Thank you!!!! XOXOX




OCTOBER 24th, 2013

Today Aidan had pretty much the same day as yesterday. Good energy and mild body pain.




OCTOBER 23rd, 2013

Aidan had a good day. Mild body pain and good energy. He has not been eating as much but when he is hungry he needs food right away and unfortunately because of his meds his taste buds are not the same.




OCTOBER 22nd, 2013

The day after the spinal tap is not pleasant. A day filled with back pain and a mild headache. Not fun.




OCTOBER 21st, 2013

Aidan's morning was relaxing today.  Because the doctor changed his appointment to the afternoon, he was able to sleep in. Even though he could eat up until 11 am, he did not want to eat much.


It was really busy at the doctor's office so we had a long wait. They finally got him in a bed, drew his blood and did the spinal tap. All his numbers and preliminary spinal test results came back good. The only negative was his mood and grumpiness.


Because it was a late appointment Shane was able to come after school and put his thumb print on the ''I'm a Thumbody Too'' tree. It is very important that siblings don't feel left out.


He has one more week of an every 7 day appointment and then we go every 10 days with a more Intense chemotherapy (2 meds). As of now, same as the week before and if he feels ok he can go to his schools fall festival 🙂




OCTOBER 20th, 2013

Nothing like family to help make you feel better. Especially on a Sunday before treatment day Monday.


Tomorrow's appointment was changed to 1:30. Hoping for good results.




OCTOBER 19th, 2013

Today Aidan had a good day. He is happy that his grandpa is visiting this weekend. The only change with him is his appetite. His days no longer revolve around food.




OCTOBER 18th, 2013

Today Aidan had great energy in the morning. He had a great homeschool session. He decided to do his homework today instead of the weekend.


After he was done he  cried that his whole body hurt and he couldn't get out of the chair. He wanted to get into bed but he could not walk that far. He decided on the couch and took some Tylenol.


Tylenol kicked in and the energy came back in full Aidan force. He was able to enjoy dinner and some goodies from Miss W 🙂




OCTOBER 17th, 2013

Today, Aidan almost got the rest of his thinning hair shaved off. He just couldn't do it. He was scared that it would hurt and that he would look hideous. It might just have to happen on it's own, not by clippers.


He had a little knee pain, a decrease in appetite and good energy.




OCTOBER 16th, 2013

Aidan had an OK day today. He experienced a new side effect from his chemotherapy, bad knee pain. He  is allowed to take Tylenol but he did not want to add another med to his day.




OCTOBER 15th, 2013

Aidan finally had a headache free day. He had good energy but lot's of moodiness. His demand today was homemade chocolate chip cookies. Grandma was happy to bake yummy cookies with him.


For the past week Aidan has had us on a hunt for  gummy eyeballs and thumbs.  He has been craving them. He remembers his kindergarten teacher  passing them out back then. I brought home everything that matched his description. Not one was a match. As long as he still has an appetite I am happy to be sent on a wild goose chase for my baby.




OCTOBER 14th, 2013

We never know how Aidan's Monday's will go until his blood is drawn. Today, even though things were going so well and his energy level had been so high, his hemoglobin was very low and he was anemic. That explains all the headaches he has been having.


Along with the spinal tap Aidan needed a blood transfusion. His blood cell count was good and his bone marrow test results were very good so he is still able to keep on the same diet and if he wants to venture out.


It was such a long day for him. He was in such a bad mood towards the end of his treatment. Even the trip to the toy room did not help.




OCTOBER 13th, 2013

Aidan had a pain free day today. He was glad that he was feeling good and able to enjoy the company of his cousins. Having company all depends on how he feels and if the doctor allows it.


This evening Aidan started to get a little nervous about his doctors appointment tomorrow. He knows what it's going to be like and it's ''not fun''.  We told him that we understand but that is how he is going to get better. He said he knows  but it's still a little scary.


Prayers and positive thoughts for tomorrow please!




OCTOBER 12th, 2013

Today was an emotional day for Aidan. When he was in the shower a huge clump of hair

came out in his hand. It scared him very bad.


We have talked to him before and told him that this will happen but he is still just a little boy and its hard to understand. We told him when he is ready he can get the rest of his hair buzzed off. Later, in the afternoon he asked for that buzz, even though he thinks he will look hideous(Aidan's own words).


This poor baby has gone through so much physical and emotional pain. His body is going through so many changes.


As parents,seeing your child go through this you want to just break down but we have to be strong for him and there is nothing harder.




OCTOBER 11th, 2013

What a day for Aidan! He had such good energy. He had a great homeschool session. Even did 3 pages of homework right after his teacher left.


Since he was feeling so good and this good feeling is only going to last for a little bit we decided to take him down to his school to see his friends. Aidan was so excited to see everyone. It was  so nice to see Aidan have fun with his friends.


All the excitement made him tired and he went right back to bed when he got home. Later he had a bad headache and had  to take some Tylenol.


We are truly blessed to have our Van Gogh Charter school family! The support you are giving our whole family is beyond amazing. Thank you!!




OCTOBER 10th, 2013

Aidan had a good day today. Only a few headaches that Tylenol took care of. Hoping tomorrow will be the same, minus the headaches.




OCTOBER 9th, 2013

Today was a long homeschool day. Aidan did music,arts and crafts, math and language arts. He was such a trooper. Even with a headache he sat through 3 hours of school. Normally his schooling is 1hr and 40 mins but he was doing so well he wanted to keep learning.


Aidan had a good feeling day. We cherish days like today.




OCTOBER 8th, 2013

Aidan was very happy that he did not have to get out of bed early this morning. He was sore from his spinal tap and moody from his meds. He also had a headache which is from the spinal tap and coming off the steroids. Had to add Tylenol to his list of meds today.




OCTOBER 7th, 2013

Monday, Monday. Aidan woke up knowing the routine. He was a little nervous. He played with some bubbles before we left and it kept him from thinking about food.


We finally got the results from last week. Aidan's body is responding favorably to the treatment and he is in ''remission''. Meaning the cancer is not winning.


We never know what the plan is until his bloodwork comes back from the lab. The lab was very slow today but  finally all was good enough to start the next 29 days of treatment on his road map.


Treatment today was a spinal tap and chemotherapy. Aidan also got to put his hand print on the tree of life. He will be taking a pill form of chemotherapy at home also. This will be his first time taking pills and he is very scared.


Mom and dad also had to be treated in the office. We were given our flu shots. It is very important for us to stay healthy so we can take care of him.


After an hour and a bunch of tic tacs, for practice, Aidan finally was able to take his pills tonight.




OCTOBER 6th, 2013

Aidan had a great day today. He had jaw pain and asked for Tylenol and he felt better.


He finally got to see his cousins and have his Uncles famous teriyaki chicken. They

were all so happy to be together.


Tomorrow is treatment and procedure day. Hoping to get good results from last weeks

tests and tomorrow's blood tests. Prayers please.




OCTOBER 5th, 2013

Another day of dealing with the side effects of coming off the steroids. Aidan had,

along with the weakness, joint pain and all over body aches, bad headaches.


The side effect of coming off the steroids that Aidan has not fully experienced is

the decrease of the appetite. He ate and enjoyed all the yummy food that his grandma

made for him. Including the cupcakes that they baked and decorated together.


Aidan loved reading all the letters from his classmates. Thank you, room #51!




OCTOBER 4th, 2013

All day Aidan's body was weak and sore. It was painful for him to move his body.

Getting in and out of bed was so hard for him.


Called the doctor to check on the results from last Monday's appointment and was

told that the results will not be in until this Monday.




OCTOBER 3rd, 2013

Today was the first day that Aidan was out of bed the whole day. He was still weak but managed to build Lego's.


He had his homeschool and went back to building Lego's. It was beyond wonderful to see him feel good,have a funny personality and just be adorable


Hoping for a peaceful night for our sweet boy.




OCTOBER 2nd, 2013

Aidan was up all last night with excruciating stomach pains. The pains eased up around 4 am and he finally went to sleep.


He was in a good mood when he woke up. He ate a good breakfast and took a shower. He even wanted hair gel.


Today was a homeschooling day. The teacher brought her keyboard so they sang songs and she got him to do a little exercise. He impressed her with his eagerness to do the school work and he did a great job.


After lunch his mood changed and he was not feeling good. His tummy hurt and he was uncomfortable,tired and weak.




OCTOBER 1st, 2013

Aidan woke up so happy that he only had to take one medication today. He ate all day,he was very moody and his back hurt really bad.


Finally he gave in and took some Tylenol and ate a couple prunes because he was having problems in that department also.




SEPTEMBER 30, 2013

Today was the first morning that Aidan had to be woken up. He was so tired but knew that he had to eat before 6am.


He did great not asking for food before we went to the Dr. When we got there he was so ready to just get everything over with so he could eat.


By now Aidan is used the routine. Vitals, get into the bed,access the port,draw  blood, help the nurse flush his line and wait for the lab to,send his results.. His blood pressure was high today so now that will have to be watched.


The blood work came back with everything looking good and on track. Next came the

anesthesiologist. Aidan got a little scared but was ok and went to sleep.


The doctor did the spinal tap and bone marrow test. All went well and we will have the results by Friday.


When Aidan woke up he was so Aidan. He asked the nurse if she does what she does for

money or to help kids. Then he told her that he wants to be a doctor and help kids when he grows up. He was finally allowed to eat and gobbled his sandwich.


We are now at the end of the first month of treatment and his body responded very well. Now there are some changes. We eliminate the steroids for now and no chemotherapy was given today. Going off the steroids will make Aidan not as hungry but he will be very, very moody and his body will ache for about a week.


Next Monday,another spinal tap and new meds will be given. He will have to start taking pills instead of liquids and he is not happy with that.


Depending on the results of his tests today and his blood test next week will determine the next chemotherapy  he will be given.


He is such an amazing,brave and strong little boy. He is definitely our hero.




SEPTEMBER 29, 2013

Today was like yesterday. Hungry all day. Fell again. Very moody. Very weak.


Tomorrow is treatment day. He will not be allowed to eat or drink after 6am. That is

going to be hard since he eats constantly.


Tomorrow along with the chemotherapy he will have a spinal tap and bone marrow

test. He will have to have anesthesia for the procedures so that is the reason for

no eating or drinking.


It is going to be a tough day for Aidan. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers.




SEPTEMBER 28, 2013

Sleep is just not happening for Aidan at night. He is just starving all night. If he is not eating he will just lay in bed and stare at the ceiling.


He is still so weak and now with his tummy so big and full it makes it even harder for him to walk or get comfortable.


Another fall for Aidan. He was walking to the bathroom when his legs just gave out.  He fell forward,thank goodness it was on the carpet.




SEPTEMBER 27, 2013

Today was another day of constant eating. All Aidan talked about was food and the chicken that he wanted for dinner. All meals are eaten very early in this house now. He is even eating foods he would never touch before.


Aidan was so happy when I brought home get well cards from his classmates. Thank you Ms. Khorani, Miss Alex, parents and classmates of room 51!! Aidan misses you all so much!




SEPTEMBER 26, 2013

So the first thing Aidan talks about when he first wakes up is what he wants for dinner. He has all kinds of cravings through out the day and his tummy definitely shows it.


He had homeschooling again today and it went well. He got very tired after the first hour so the teacher moved to couch where he was more comfortable to finish his work.


The best thing that happened for Aidan today was that he got to see his best friend Jake. Even though they were 15 feet apart and Jake was in the car and Aidan was in the house it was still the best!


Every day we are more and more amazed by our Van Gogh family. Yesterday,gift cards from the staff and faculty,today a huge gift basket from the girl scout troop 3766 and every day well wishes and tons and tons of '' what can we do to help?''.

We are so appreciative and just can't thank you enough!!!




SEPTEMBER 25, 2013

Aidan had a rough night last night. While trying to get up to go to the bathroom he fell out of bed. He bumped his back against the nightstand handle. He was so weak that he could not pick himself up off the floor and he did not want help up. After laying there a few minutes he got back in bed and fell asleep. Now he is not allowed to get out of bed without help.


At 3:30am he woke up starving. He had chips, turkey sausage and chicken. Then at 7 am starving again.


He is starting to understand that his meds are making him hungry,act different and look different. He is amazed when he looks in the mirror at how different he looks.


Homeschool started today. He was so nervous. Wow! We hit the jackpot with the teacher! She is warm and loving ,she understood that he was not feeling good when she got there so she read to him while he was laying down. Then she had him read to her until he was ready to go the table to do some math.  She got to see a little bit of the real Aidan when he got comfortable and she just ate up his personality.It is not Van Gogh but It was awesome to see him happy about learning.


Every day Aidan is weaker and weaker. Today it was really bad. It is hard for him to walk from his room to the kitchen. He fell twice so now he cannot walk anywhere in the house without help.




SEPTEMBER 24, 2013

Today was a very moody day for Aidan. He was mad about not being able to eat certain foods.


We met the homeschool teacher today. She seems very nice and understanding about his illness and lack of energy. Aidan just can't believe he gets his own private teacher.




SEPTEMBER 23, 2013

Aidan woke up today knowing it was treatment day. He was nervous and very scared.


He was very brave at the Dr. He ate the whole time he was there. His numbers were up and very good. He is even able to be off of the neutropenic diet (no fresh fruit or vegetable) . We celebrated with a salad, the food he has missed the most.

Next week will be a different story. He will have to have a spinal tap and bone

marrow test.




SEPTEMBER 22, 2013

Last night was the first night that Aidan did not sleep at all. He was starving the whole night. He demanded an egg sandwich at 2:30 but settled for cheesepuffs.


At 5:00 am he could not wait and had to have that egg sandwich. He was also willing to take 2 of the 4 morning meds.


The afternoon was the same as yesterday. A little bit of energy and was able to watch some TV.


The day ended with a really bad mood swing 🙁


Treatment day tomorrow. Time was changed from 9 am to 1:30pm. Hoping all goes well.




SEPTEMBER 21, 2013

After a sleepless night Aidan had a good early morning. He even took all his meds without a complaint.


Late morning things changed. His tummy started to hurt and his mood swing kicked in.


Mid afternoon a spurt of energy came over him and he wanted to read some get well cards (thank you Ms. Zimlin and room 46). He also wanted to call his best bud Jake.

He was so excited to tell Jake about his new spiky haircut.


Early night for Aidan. In bed and asleep by 7pm.




SEPTEMBER 20, 2013

Another weak and lethargic morning for Aidan and a stressful morning for mom and dad. Aidan's brother woke up with a fever this morning. Now we have to make sure the boys are separated. We don't want Aidan to catch his brothers cold because it could be very dangerous for him and could set his progress way back.


Aidan spent most of the day in bed sleeping,a few trips to the couch and less frequent trips to the kitchen.


His tummy bothered him most of the day due to constipatIon,a side effect of the chemotherapy. That meant 2 more meds had to be added,at least those meds could be hidden in some chocolate milk.


The highlight of Aidan's day was eating grandma's brisket for dinner. Then getting rid of it, thanks to the additional meds.






SEPTEMBER 19, 2013

Aidan woke up this morning still feeling very lethargic and weak. So weak that


                                   Read More....




SEPTEMBER 18, 2013

Since Aidan is eating every 20 minutes, Sparky stays close by.




SEPTEMBER 17, 2013

Some of the many cards that bring a smile to Aidan's face.




SEPTEMBER 16, 2013

Went to the doctor today for chemo. Aidan's blood count numbers were good.  No transfusions, spinal taps or bone marrow testing were needed.




SEPTEMBER 15, 2013

Starting to notice the puffiness in his sweet little cheeks.  Steroids got him hungry.  Let's not forget the mood swings.




SEPTEMBER 14, 2013

Weekends mean more meds.

Poor Aidan has 2 extra cocktails on Sat & Sun.  Not a happy camper...




SEPTEMBER 13, 2013

Aidan's having trouble keeping meds down.  Thank you Grandma for cleaning the carpet!




SEPTEMBER 12, 2013

Restless night.  Aidan ate all night. Another side afeect from the meds. What an appetite!




SEPTEMBER 11, 2013

Aidan just loves his Nintendo 3DS. Thanks to everyone at Van Gogh!




SEPTEMBER 10, 2013

Aidan's getting used to his medicine.  He has to drink gatorade and then have M&Ms afterwards.




SEPTEMBER 09, 2013

Well we can't lie to Aidan about his doctor visits.  He was quite upset today when we showed up at Kaiser.

Lesson learned.....




SEPTEMBER 08, 2013

Hurray! Aidan was allowed to come home today!  Weekly visits for chemo and medicine at home.

Mom and Dad are grateful...




SEPTEMBER 2nd, 2013

Spray Di Sole (Uncle Lane, Svetlana and Kevin) surprise Aidan with an iPad Mini!




SEPTEMBER 1st, 2013

Surprise call from Timmy Turner from Fairly Odd Parents (Tara Strong)